January 18, 2014

AFC-NFC previews: More than Brady vs. Manning

AFC-NFC Previews

Most of the attention is going to be on the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, and rightfully so. You’d have a hard time finding two more popular players than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Manning is trying to win a Super Bowl with a second team, while Brady is going for No. 4 with the Patriots.

But the NFC Championship Game is just as intriguing with the new era of young quarterbacks squaring off. Colin Kaerpernick is trying to lead the 49ers to consecutive Super Bowls. Russell Wilson is trying to get to his first.

The storylines don’t end there. The AFC game is a head coaching rematch of Super Bowl XXXVIII, a game played a decade ago that saw Bill Belichick win his second Super Bowl ring with a 32-29 victory over John Fox’s Carolina Panthers. The NFC game very well could come down to the running games behind Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch.

In the end, these are the matchups most football fans wanted to see, and we’ll know soon enough if they were as good as expected.

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