Trade Jurickson Profar? Yes, for the right deal

05/30/2013 4:32 PM

11/12/2014 2:48 PM

Trade Profar?

Dang right, you do.

And because this seems to be, without question, the hottest local jock kingdom debate of the moment, let me repeat.

Dang right, you trade Jurickson Profar. Find the right deal, make the deal and, with a kid this talented, pray that you get it right.

No, you don’t have to trade Profar. But be looking. Be looking hard.


For the same reason Jon Daniels is now sitting on the worst MLB trade of this decade.

Yes, the worst.

Twenty-two months ago, facing the trading deadline of July, 2011, Daniels shipped off to Baltimore a then-failed first baseman named Chris Davis and a then so-so pitcher named Tommy Hunter.

In return, the O’s gave the Texas Rangers what was expected to be much needed bullpen help, right hander Koji Uehara.

If I’ve got to explain the current skyrocket ride of Longview’s Davis, then my suggestion is to back off a bit in following OTA news at Valley Ranch.

Think Miguel Cabrera of Detroit. Think Triple Crown. No, not last year when Miguel did go Triple Crown, but this season, when everyone is talking a Cabrera repeat, except as June arrives in baseball, Chris Davis is challenging and exceeding Miguel in some areas of that holy honor.

Numbers through Wednesday night for the Longview Long-Baller:

Nineteen home runs, 50 RBIs and a .359 average.

More impressive, or more scary, for those who closely followed the likable Chris here, is that strikeouts are way down this season and walks are way up. That’s an indication Davis is just now peaking after he hit 33 homers a year ago for the O’s, but still was a K waiting to happen.

Hunter, meanwhile, is now the Orioles’ 100 mph set-up man out of the bullpen. Big Game Hunter is looking big-time.

Koji, of course, has moved on, and now pitches for the Boston Red Sox, leaving behind a spotty stay with the Rangers.

This deal is obviously a massive skid mark on Daniels’ résumé, but I haven’t noticed any media second-guessing, and the second-guessing will definitely not start today from here.

Daniels made that trade for all the right reasons. Actually, it was for only one reason.

He was going for it.

The year, remember, was 2011, and the Rangers had made a historic World Series appearance the season before. Daniels was going for it because he wanted to go back. And the Rangers did go back, although with limited help from Koji.

Granted, Profar and Chris Davis are totally different animals, involving different situations.

But if Daniels is going to trade Profar, and I’d guess a coming deal is now 50/50, it’s for the same reason he made the Davis/Hunter trade.

Going for it.

That’s how far the Rangers have come since that dismal period through most of the past decade.

This is a franchise that not only thinks World Series, it has the World Series pedigree because of those back-to-back American League pennants.

At the moment, it’s not a World Series team. Even totally healthy it may not have been a World Series team because of the starting rotation.

To get back to being a World Series team, another hitter is needed, another bullpen piece is definitely needed, but most of all, a top-shelf rotation guy is needed.

Does trading Profar bring that top-shelf guy? Maybe not him alone, but he’d be the key piece.

Plus, with your shortstop locked down long-term, and with your second baseman locked down long-term, it means if the Rangers aren’t moving out Elvis or Ian (highly unlikely in both cases), then Profar becomes the obvious trade candidate.

And if he’s dealt, and it becomes another Davis backfire, well...

You live with it. And move on to the next trade. That’s the way baseball go.

In fact, check this direct quote from Daniels the 2011 day of the deal for Koji:

“[Davis] can be another late bloomer like Nellie Cruz. And if he does, we will live with it.”

Davis is not a bloomer at the moment. He’s a blaster.

There’s currently plenty of forehead-slapping in Arlington about Davis, and how the Rangers could have gone wrong on him.

But over parts of four seasons here, Chris was given every opportunity to show consistency. In 2009, the manager was hammered for keeping Davis in the lineup almost every day for three months. RonWash took the heat because he believed Davis could break out. But Chris never did.

Do we blame the hitting coach? Maybe, but which one? There were four hitting instructors — Rudy Jaramillo, Clint Hurdle, Thad Bosley and Scott Coolbaugh (although Coolbaugh only briefly) — who attempted to get Davis going here.

When the deal went down in 2011, I thought it was done for all the right reasons. The Rangers needed bullpen help, and Daniels was going for it.

Again, Profar is a different situation, but if the kid is dealt, it will be for the same reasons.

Help is needed. Go for it.

And then, good or bad, Daniels will live with it. And that’s his job, by the way. Living with it, good or bad.

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