Cowboys’ draft moves were designed to upgrade offense

04/29/2013 5:07 PM

05/16/2013 5:31 PM

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the makeup of the roster made the Cowboys lean to offense in the NFL draft over the weekend.

The Cowboys did not draft a defensive tackle or defensive end. They haven’t signed one after the draft either.

“The way I look at this, you look at where our resources are,” Jones said. “We’ve got two very high-paid pass rushers, we’ve got one great defensive tackle in [Jay] Ratliff that’s been to the Pro Bowl that obviously is in his second contract. So you’ve got three guys like that in your defensive line.”

Additionally, Jones said the Cowboys have “put great resources” into linebackers Bruce Carter and Sean Lee (both second-round picks), traded up in the draft last year for cornerback Morris Claiborne, and put “a whole lot of money” into cornerback Brandon Carr.

He said it was time for the offense to get some attention.

“We haven’t put those kinds of resources over there,” he said. “We’ve got one tackle. Obviously, we’ve got a quarterback. And we’ve got Dez [Bryant]. We’ve got Miles [Austin] in the back end of a contract. It starts to get into a little question mark or two from there.

“So if you really look at the balance of our team, I don’t think it was really unwarranted that we look at the offensive side of the ball.”

But Jones acknowledged that the Cowboys can’t rest on their defensive line.

“We are getting a little long in the tooth there at some of the spots, maybe,” he said. “Would you have liked the right 3-technique [defender who lines up on the outside shoulder of a guard] if he would have been there? Would we maybe have used that pick on one, if one was there? But he wasn’t there. The 3-technique wasn’t there at 18.”

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