There’s plenty of Hamilton hate, but disgust for Romo’s contract takes cake

04/06/2013 8:40 PM

11/12/2014 2:45 PM

For this morning’s agenda, we’re talking about hate, but it’s only sports hate, which means it’s nothing serious, just loud and maybe crude. Again, nothing that actually impacts the real world.

The best sports hate/debate question of the weekend was submitted by Mr. Ed Werder, world famous NFL reporter for the boys in Bristol (ESPN) but a longtime local resident of Flower Mound, meaning he stays connected with the total DFW jock scene.

The question:

What’s more disgusting to fans of North Texas, Josh Hamilton being back in Arlington for the weekend, or the $55 million Jerry just gave Tony?

To each his own with an answer, but to hear the boos raining down on Josh at the ballpark on Friday, his return in an Angels uniform would seem to be a runaway winner.

Except Josh will be on a fast airplane out of here by Sunday night, meaning he’s out of sight and out of mind until the next visit by the Angels.

Tony isn’t going anywhere. Ever.

Based on the massive amount of disgust that has flooded local streets and all social media sites (not that I know about social media sites, but so I’m told) I think Mr. Romo is actually the answer to this question.

Sports hate flows over the new Romo contract.

The difference is, however, that Romo has a chance — I said a chance — to change the perception that he “stole” fifty-five mil from Jerry, even though there were no police reports that Tony had any weapon or was wearing a ski mask when Jerry handed over the loot.

Just win. Win enough to quarterback the Cowboys into the playoffs, and win enough in the postseason to make it interesting. (Notice here, please, that there’s no mention of winning a Super Bowl.) Tony could, however, change the ugly mood of the moment. Josh never will. He’s gone, and not coming back.

Personally, I don’t think Romo was overpaid by Jerry. I’m being a good American with that comment. In America, by gawd, you are worth what some corporate fool is willing to pay you. Most of the time the corporate fools are using their muscle to underpay.

But if Jerry thinks Tony is worth fifty-five mil, guaranteed, then why blame Romo?

Granted, the pay doesn’t fit the performance. When only Tom Brady among all NFL quarterbacks is guaranteed more money than Romo on a current contract, that’s totally out of whack. But it’d be nothing new around here to say Jerry has been totally out of whack, football wise, for nearly two decades.

And then there’s also a couple of arguments that have popped up since the Romo contract announcement, arguments that go both pro and con.

One of those arguments, on the pro-Romo side, says for Jerry to get his money’s worth from Tony, he’s now got to concentrate on getting better players around Romo.

I would agree, except it’s not like Jones isn’t already paying a good to top dollar at almost every offensive position. The problem is Jerry isn’t getting his money’s worth at many of those positions. He’s paying for subpar or bad performances.

We all know the offensive line has to be fixed. But except for center, the starters in the offensive line are paid the going NFL rate, or even higher (see Doug Free.) It’s about improving the talent, not the money, if that offensive line is going be improved.

Another of those arguments, this one on the con side, says the new contract puts Romo under more pressure than ever.


Romo was already overpaid, making $8 million last season, which was another 8-8 season, meaning, no, the quarterback didn’t perform up to the financial side of even that contract.

More money for the future doesn’t mean more pressure. Romo has already failed with lesser money.

But more money for the future will not change Romo, and I mean that in a good way. No one can ever question the dedication Tony gives to the job. He works at it. He cares. He just doesn’t win enough.

Romo will give it all he’s got, no matter his pay scale.

For the Romo haters out there, the fifty-five mil does provide something else to ridicule. If there’s failure at the position, the ridicule will happen, although it was going to happen anyway.

Bottom line:

The fifty-five mil changes nothing except Tony’s bank account.

But as far as the local sports/hate debate question, yes, I’d think Tony is the winner — or is it the loser?

There’s probably more disgust for the fifty-five mil than even for Josh being back in town.

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