Cowtown notes: San Antonio runner logs his 1,000th marathon

02/24/2013 7:46 PM

03/14/2013 3:31 PM

The Cowtown Marathon’s agenda includes the 50K ultra marathon, won on Sunday in record-breaking time by Logan Sherman.

The world’s ultra marathoner, though, is San Antonio resident and Dallas native Larry Macon, who — like all good lawyers — can talk and talk. He can also run and run ... and run.

Macon, already in the Guinness Book of World Records for most marathons in a single year, completed his 1,000th marathon at the Cowtown.

Surely that’s enough to even make Pheidippides take notice somewhere.

That’s a lot of miles for the 68-year-old, 524 just in 2013.

“If somebody had told me [I’d run 1,000 marathons] I say they were crazy,” said Macon, apparently reading the mind of his interrogator while taking a sip of the chocolate milk he enjoys after each race. “You’ve got to be really insane. Nobody is that crazy.”

Macon, who has logged 26,200 miles since the age of 54, can’t get enough of this stuff.

He ran 157 marathons in 2012. That’s a rate of about three a week, which he will do this coming week when he travels to Mississippi and Tulsa for 50K races and then to San Antonio for a marathon.

Macon’s obsession began, he said, when he was sitting around with some lawyer colleagues telling “a bunch of lies” about upcoming exploits. (Lawyering, he reminded, “takes the lowest form of intelligence.”)

Some said they were playing golf at some resort, another claimed to have run and swam two miles.

“I said, ‘I’m training for a marathon,’  ” said Macon of his fabrication. “They said, ‘Great it’s in three weeks. We’ll have a party.

“It doesn’t pay to lie.”

But he survived and hasn’t stopped. It turned out to be life-changing.

“Running marathons is wonderful,” said Macon, who was greeted at the finish line with a bouquet of balloons by family and friends. “This is the best thing you can possibly do. Being outdoors is great, and finishing something is great.”

Ultimate Cowtown champ?

Logan Sherman’s victory in the ultra marathon in a time of 3:10.40 broke Koby Styles’ mark of 3:18:18 set last year.

It also represented Sherman’s fifth triumph at the Cowtown. He has won every event here, from the 5K to the marathon in 2010.

Sherman’s pace of 6:08 included a stop at the turnaround for a drink of water.

“I think I’ll go to Disney World,” joked Sherman, who will graduate in the coming months from Parker University College of Chiropractic.

The win is a significant turn of events for the Dallas resident, who said declining times in the fall gave him the doldrums. Nothing was working.

“I was really unhappy with it all,” said Sherman, whose goal was the 3:10 neighborhood. “But that’s life. Running teaches life lessons. You take the hard times in stride and have the good times, too.”

Instead of making the drive from Dallas, Sherman stayed at the Fort Worth home of former TCU track coach John McKenzie on Saturday night.

Ultra runner-up Jason Razo finished 16:25 back of Sherman.

Razo was third in the marathon a year ago after winning the ultra in 2010.

Seen this somewhere

The order of finish in the women’s ultra marathon looked a lot like last year. Actually, exactly the same.

Kelley Aviles, a 46-year-old from Lewisville, won her second consecutive ultra marathon, finishing in front of Meghan Hennessey, the runner-up in 2012 as well.

Aviles, who now runs with an inhaler after an asthma diagnosis in the past year, ran the 31 miles and change in 4:07:30, almost five minutes ahead of the Fort Worth resident.

Half equals whole workout

Jared McNeil’s record-setting performance in the men’s half-marathon was matched by his winning counterpart in the women’s race.

McNeil ran a 1:09:48, besting the former course record of 1:10:24. Hurst resident Andrew Middleton finished a minute back.

Monika Korra’s 1:21:24 beat the old mark of 1:25:07.

Natalie Merrill placed second at:1:23:16 and Jessica Smith, the winner of the women’s 5K on Saturday was third at 1:23:42.

Come and take this

Four of Cowtown’s 2013 elite runners are joining forces for the Texas Independence Relay on March 23-24.

Men’s marathon winner Craig Ottman, Sherman, Merrill and new member Elizabeth Eden, the women’s marathon winner, will all be part of the team running the 200-mile challenge, starting in Gonzalez and running to Houston on March 23-24.

Running for a purpose

The Cowtown is special to men’s marathon runner-up Heinz Schwarzkopf, a former cross country and track athlete at UT Arlington who is also a student at the UNT Health Science Center.

Bob Kaman, an associate dean of graduate studies at the center, was a founding member of the race, along with his running buddy, Jim Gilliland.

The race was started in 1979 by the Board of the Institute of Human Fitness, a branch of the then-named Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Many others on Sunday were running in the memory of Gilliland, who died in March.

“I love hearing all the stories,” Schwarzkopf said. “I really wanted to represent them well.”

Schwarzkopf also coached a team from the health science center, about 20 in all. Most ran in the 5K and 10K races.

“The majority told me they did much better than their goal,” Schwarzkopf said.

Was that Elvis?

There, indeed, was an Elvis sighting along the marathon route on Sunday.

Music gigs, including an Elvis impersonator and the (not-so-much) world famous Three Fools on Three Stools, dotted the streetscape as runners made their way.

We would have suggested a play list, if asked, that would have included must-hears, Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp, Crazy by Patsy Cline, Bob Wills’ Miles and Miles of Texas and the Crystals’ Da Do Run, Run .

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