February 23, 2013

Medical student inspires peers for Cowtown weekend

Cowtown Medical student inspires his peers for Cowtown weekend.

Among the masses at this weekend’s Cowtown Marathon will be a small group of students and faculty from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. At the helm is a student who has spent his time at the center spreading his joy for running one student at a time.

Eventually, Heinz Schwarzkopf’s training grew so popular, he created a training group through the school’s activity center in which he passes on the training knowledge he gained as a track and cross country runner at UT Arlington.

This weekend, his group of 30 runners will be part of the record-setting 25,500 runners registered for all the races of the marathon weekend.

The 35th running of the Cowtown Marathon won’t be anything like the first, which runners suffered through an ice storm. Today’s predicted high is 58 with a low of 40. Sunday’s start should be in the 40s with a high of 71. There is no chance of rain.

The majority of Schwarzkopf’s runners will be participating in the 5K and 10K, but he has one running the ultra marathon and one participating in the half-marathon. No matter the race, it’s all about spreading the running love for the enthusiastic medical student.

“I don’t expect a lot of people to go out and run a marathon, but what I try to do is inspire people,” Schwarzkopf said. “That’s what I try and do, is to spread the joy of running. The main thing I want people to do is to enjoy running and want to do it every day.”

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