February 13, 2013

Jason Garrett speaks, but waffles are all we're getting

Cowboys coach won't say who will call plays.

After 44 days of avoiding all contact with the outside world, Jason Garrett finally spoke publicly on Wednesday. But when he repeatedly waffled on the one question everyone wanted answered, it sent a large collection of local media into a tizzy.

That's not a problem, of course. Media guys were born in a tizzy.

Garrett's sin was he refused to give an answer when repeatedly asked who will do the offensive play calling next season.

The question is obviously legit. Jason was not legit in dodging it.

Then again, maybe Mr. Jerry hasn't yet decided who will be the Cowboys' offensive play-caller.

(You deserved that jab, Jason, for your Wednesday waffle, except I hope, for your own good, it was a waffle and nothing else. What if Mr. Jerry actually hasn't decided?)

But if you are still holding out slim hope that Mr. Jerry hasn't totally hi-jacked the Valley Ranch football department, and that his head coach hasn't been totally puppetized, this was not the media session that provided positive feedback for your slim hope.

Garrett will be hammered for his failure to answer the play-caller question that actually ties into the puppetized perception that the owner/GM himself has helped promote, intentional or not, over the last month and a half.

But what Jason really did wrong Wednesday was fail to grab that perception by the throat and shake it.

This was his first open media session since the season ended, and came after Mr. Jerry has done all the talking -- talk, talk, talk -- since the head coach's Valley Ranch good-bye moment a day after the loss to the Redskins.

Given that, it was time for Jason to go for it. Come across strong and decisive.

Actually, Mr. Jerry himself gave Garrett a blueprint earlier this week with quotes on the team website which suggested Jones was an innocent bystander as the coach demanded massive staff changes.

Claiming Garrett made the seven new changes, Mr. Jones noted, "he basically sat down and said, "here's the kind of coach I want. He did the evaluation. He basically said, "Jerry, here's who I want to get."

And at considerable financial cost, added Jones, he was Jason's puppy dog.

OK, that's all crap, but Jason still had his perception blueprint for Wednesday, delivered by Jones himself.

Instead, however, of grabbing the blueprint, Jason limp-wristed the thing.

We were told by him Wednesday the staff shakeup came as a result of "collective decisions, as always."

On offensive play-caller, which many will perceive as Garrett having been forced out of the role by Jones if Jason turns the job over to someone else, Garrett acted as if the decision involved the splitting of atoms and the mixing of rocket fuel.

"It's a collective exercise as we are working through the mechanics, and there will be more specifics on this at some point later," Garrett said.

Wow. In about one week after the season, the Cowboys totally changed the entire defensive scheme (from a 3-4 to a 4-3), fired almost the entire defensive staff, and hired an entirely new staff.

So a month and half later, they are "still working through the mechanics" of a decision about who calls the offensive plays?

It was simply not a good moment for Garrett, be it in either perception or reality.

Speaking of reality, however, there is always the possibility that Garrett is balking at a Mr. Jerry demand that the head coach now become a walk-around guy and not a play-caller, which is a total one-eighty from what Jerry has demanded from his previous head coaches.

Jones has hinted strongly over the last month and a half that he's now flipping toward Jason being only a walk-around head coach and that the owner wants another play-caller.

But if Garrett is balking on Jerry -- for anything, frankly -- it'd be the most positive development we've had of late. Imagine that, a head coach telling this ego-powered owner he's wrong about something.

Even those of us who think Garrett, for his own good, and the possible good of the team, should give up play-calling, would have to approve of that kind of defiance, simply because the head coach would be jacking with Mr. Jerry.

There is, however, no evidence of that. And certainly there was a zero lack of such evidence on Wednesday.

Jason would have been better off waiting another 44 days to come out of hiding.

At least by then he might have been prepared to answer the simplest of questions about who calls the bleeping plays.

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