Galloway and Big Mac: Rangers on the rocks

06/07/2012 12:01 PM

11/12/2014 2:36 PM

The Rangers' recent struggles after a strong start have our Randy Galloway and Mac Engel scratching their heads. In this week's Galloway and Big Mac Show, they wonder which team is the real Rangers, and what lies ahead in Arlington. Here are excerpts:

Galloway: The greatest team in the history of baseball - historically good; that's the way the Rangers were being described in April ...

Engel: Potentially undefeated.

Galloway: Historically good. I thought that was a little overblown. But it is a real good baseball team. Here we are early June, and we are seeing the Rangers in a ditch. If this were a two-week ditch, we would say that is the normal part of a long season process. However, this has been about a five-week ditch - of inconsistent baseball. This team is a heck of a lot better than what we're seeing.

Engel: Wait a minute. The team that was going to go 162 and 0? Josh Hamilton's going to hit 110 home runs? They're not going to lose a game? And now we get down to this. So which one are they? Are they that team or are they this one, that's kind of middling? Derek Holland gives up a run in seven innings, and then the next start he comes out and gives up 18 runs in two innings.

Galloway: I'll tell you what, they're a lot closer to April's team, overall, than they are to what we've seen the last five weeks. Now, of course, I would be the last to panic. Mac has been known to panic. But this club right now is disgusting. Our baseball team has been in a disgusting groove, and it's not a one-week or two-week groove, it's a month-long groove.

Engel: Your critics might say that what you've just said is stupid, preposterous and absurd. I'm not going to say that. What you just said is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. All that being said, are you worried? You've seen baseball for a thousand years. You and Abner (Doubleday), hanging out on the dugout steps ...

Galloway: It's too early to worry.

Engel: You have to have seen some things that give you pause, to at least be somewhat concerned. What are they?

Galloway: I've never seen the Rangers with back-to-back American League pennants. That's what I haven't seen. I haven't seen the Rangers with, basically, expectations for the same kind of results, get back to the World Series. So I think we look at it a bit more harshly that we might. But, yeah, there's a worry.

Engel: What is it?

Galloway: There's a worry, overall, with the rotation. That's is your No. 1 worry. The bats are not doing what the bats are supposed to do, but if the bats don't eventually do what they're supposed to do - and they haven't in a while, frankly - then forget it. They're not going to win the division, not going to win anything. Worry? Yeah, I would say there's a worry about where this team is right now. Have I overreacted, Mr. Engel?

Engel: I'm not really worried because it's June and it's baseball. What concerns me, not necessarily about what's going on right now, is can they sustain this and get as ... good as they were? Can they get all those breaks again in October? We've got to get to October first.

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