January 16, 2012

Texas Rangers should just say no to Scott Boras

The Rangers would be wise to be extra careful in these negotiations.

The stench rising into the atmosphere from Greater FW/d these days comes from the same guy who brought the contracts of Alex Rodriguez, Chan Ho Park, Darren Oliver (the first one), Kenny Rogers, Mark Teixeira and others to Arlington.

The Smartest Man in Baseball, Mr. Scott Boras, has been visiting the Rangers' brass these days because he has a client who can absolutely make them World Series champions both this year, and last year.

Boras represents the last serious name left on baseball's free-agent market: Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder. All indications are Prince is talking to the Rangers along with the Washington Nationals, and no one else.

Step away from the phone, Jon Daniels, and let it go to voice mail. The next time you bump into Boras, claim that you lost all of your contacts or some other lame lie we all make up when we want to avoid someone.

Do not let last year's contract with Adrian Beltre, who is represented by Boras, fool you into thinking you pulled a fast one. You still way overpaid for Beltre (six years, $96 mil), but considering his production, defense and the whole one-pitch away (twice) thing you're OK. At least for another two years.

If you are that in love with Fielder batting at The Ballpark, remember that it's likely going to cost around $200 million. And that by adding Fielder, someone among the eventual free agents, such as Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz or others, will not be able to stay.

Scott Boras is the car salesman who desperately "wants to see you in this car and drive home happy." Boras does not care if the Rangers win 10 World Series or zero. Boras does not care if your team is good, or terrible, or if the car breaks down once you drive off the lot. Those are not his concerns.

Boras cares about suckering in an owner to get the tippy-top dollar for his client, so he can enjoy the commission. Call him slime all you want, but the man gets the clients he cares the most about paid. There is a reason why baseball players are lined up outside his office to hire him, and why so many willingly want to return should he "fire" them.

Because not everyone can learn from history's lessons, it would appear the Rangers are willing to get back in the free-agent bed with the same guy who has designed more lopsided contracts than Halliburton.

We are a little more than one month away from pitchers and catchers reporting, so why are 28 other teams not even trying to chat with the 27-year-old home run hitter?

The answer, as Mr. Randy calls him, is The Great Satan. What you may not know is that people in hell are allowed to call Lucifer by his other name, "Boras," while they are forced to watch Dallas Cowboys games over the past 11 years.

If the Rangers insist on spending stupid money this off-season, stick with Yu Darvish and pass on the Prince.

Long term, getting hoodwinked by Boras is not going to be worth it, and it will leave Josh Hamilton secure in the knowledge that he is gone after 2012. The Rangers may be able to do a Yu/Prince combo, but no way can they do a Yu/Prince/Josh trio.

Boras' team assembled one of those giant, blue notebooks for GMs and owners to read that contains pages and pages of statistics that demonstrate why Fielder is a more productive hitter than Babe Ruth. Boras also produced a similar blue notebook for Chan Ho Park that made it sound like he had a greater upside than Sandy Koufax.

That being said, it is easy to be swayed by envisioning Prince at The Ballpark, posting absurd statistics with that short right field, and eventually moving into a DH role. He is young, and despite his massive body, he has played at least 157 games in each of his first six MLB seasons.

By all accounts this is a pro's pro, and a sincere guy who cares tremendously about his team and his teammates. Those qualities are worth a lot.

And the Rangers want big production from first base.

Boras knows it, and he knows he has a potential suitor with a relatively new ownership group that wants to spend money, so he's putting on the squeeze.

This is what he does, which makes both him and his client very wealthy men.

Just remember he does not care once you drive it off the lot.

Mac Engel, 817-390-7697

Twitter: @MacEngelProf

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