December 29, 2011

TCU appears likely to play at Texas on Thanksgiving

The Frogs will play five Big 12 road games in 2012.

TCU is likely to play at Texas on Thanksgiving next season, TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said Thursday.

The 2012 Big 12 schedule is still being worked out, but Del Conte said the most likely version pits the Horned Frogs at Texas on Thanksgiving. Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said "that is the one I've heard," media outlets reported.

The Frogs, who completed their last season in the Mountain West with a Poinsettia Bowl victory, are taking the open schedule left by Texas A&M, which departed for the SEC.

"They've given us about four different models to look at and now they're putting them in the computer and trying to figure out how they're all going to mesh," Del Conte said. "Each AD has to vote on two of them. More than likely the TCU-Texas game will be on Thanksgiving, that's the one constant that we know."

A rumor that TCU and Texas Tech would take turns playing in Austin on Thanksgiving is not true, Del Conte said. "We haven't addressed anything past 2012," he said.

One possible scenario has Tech and TCU taking turns hosting a home Thanksgiving game against Texas.

"We haven't had that discussion," he said.

TCU will play nine Big 12 games, four at home and five on the road, including at West Virginia, which plans to move from the Big East. The Big East is fighting the move.

"We've been told they are going to be in the league," Del Conte said.

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