November 17, 2011

TCU players continue to marvel over bold 2-point conversion

TCU notes

It will likely be remembered as the biggest 2-point conversion in TCU history. At least for now.

Casey Pachall threw to Josh Boyce for the game-winning points with 1:05 left in the game as Bronco Stadium slumped into a stunned silence Saturday in TCU's 36-35 win at Boise State.

Coach Gary Patterson famously said after the game that he called for the 2-point conversion before the game-winning drive even started. Still, the move to go for the win instead of kicking an extra point and hoping to send the game into overtime, took most Frogs' players by surprise.

Here's some of the reaction to the call:

"I was running off to the sidelines, celebrating thinking we were going to kick the point after and take it to overtime. [Co-offensive coordinator] Coach [Jarrett] Anderson came and got me. I ran to him and got the play." -- Pachall after throwing the touchdown pass to Brandon Carter

"I was hoping we were going for two, but I didn't know because I saw a bunch of people running off the field. Then I saw all the coaches yelling for everybody to stop. I saw coach Patterson stick his fingers up for two and that's when I knew we were going to go for it. It's a completely different feeling than knowing you're kicking an extra point and possibly going into overtime. [Pachall] just came in and told us the play [calmly]. Everyone was all excited, we knew we had to get the ball in the end zone."

-- Kyle Dooley, left guard

"I was surprised. In big games you have to make big decisions. I was nervous. I was looking and I thought the defender was about to intercept it and my heart just stopped. But then I saw JB [Boyce] catch it and start running and I was like, 'wow.'

-- Johnny Fobbs, safety

"That's the way Coach P saw it. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be. He went for two, and we were all kneeling on the sidelines and praying for the best."

-- Tank Carder, linebacker

Pachall said after the game there was no doubt in his mind that TCU would drive the 73 yards for the touchdown in the final 2:25. And then after realizing the Frogs were going for two, he had the same feeling.

"There wasn't any doubt about that," he said. "We just had to execute and take care of it."

More sketchy calls

TCU had a season-high 11 penalties for 114 yards against Boise State, which included several questionable calls in both directions.

Safety Johnny Fobbs received the first penalty on Boise State's third play from scrimmage, a 15-yard unnecessary roughness personal foul on a hit above the shoulders that has become common-place this season.

"It was kind of discouraging," Fobbs said. "I'm one of the smaller safeties in the nation so I have to play aggressive. I talked to one of my mentors, [Pittsburgh Steelers safety] Ryan Clark, and he said they do the same thing in the NFL."

Fobbs reviewed the play on film several times and still doesn't know how he'd avoid hitting Broncos receiver Tyler Shoemaker where he did.

"You can't stop on a dime and think, well, I'm about to hit him, let me lower my shoulder," he said. "There's really not much you can do. If you start worrying about it, it kind of holds you back from the player you are.

"I'm just going to play my game and not worry about it and if I get flagged, I get flagged. There's no intention [to hurt anybody], I'm just playing aggressive."

Stefan Stevenson


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