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Investigation sprang from partnership between Star-Telegram, TCU journalism school

| |Friday, May. 16, 2014

Students worked with professional editors to experience the real world of media.

TCU students involved in project on civil asset forfeiture

Friday, May. 16, 2014

The Star-Telegram partnered with the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU this spring on a capstone project on civil asset forfeitures, giving a handful of selected students an opportunity for training as part of the next generation of reporters and editors.

British man recalls how his sister became a follower of cult leader David Koresh

| |Thursday, Apr. 18, 2013

On 20th anniversary of the Branch Davidian compound fire, brother remembers shock, helplessness of losing his younger sister.

20 years after fire, David Koresh's tragic spell lingers

| |Thursday, Apr. 18, 2013

Clive Doyle is a pleasant-looking man of 72, with wavy graying hair. He is soft-spoken, articulate and seemingly very sane. Yet 20 years ago this Friday, this same man was one of only nine Branch Davidians to survive the internationally televised inferno on the Texas prairie.

Part 1: Millions of dollars go uncollected in Tarrant County bail bond system

| |Sunday, Apr. 01, 2012

Critics want to know: "If the bondsman never has to pay a penalty, then what is the point of having bail bonds?"