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Opinion By Bud Kennedy

For Davis, a practiced performance in first debate, but not enough to turn the tide

Texas Governor Debate

Gabe Hernandez / AP

The Fort Worth Democrat needed a mistake by Republican Greg Abbott, but his 20 years as a state official showed.

Barton out sick with gallbladder attack

Fort Worth’s mayor and other leaders travel to China to promote air service.

Davis assertive, Abbott plays it safe in first debate

No real fireworks enliven a mostly dry gubernatorial debate in the Rio Grande Valley between Democrat Davis and Republican Abbott.

2014 elections: ‘That’s our Wendy’

Wendy Davis’ hometown supporters cheer on their choice for Texas governor during the first debate Friday evening.

Choice of debate site shows Hispanics’ importance in Texas elections

Hispanic potential voters in every region of the state are being hotly pursued by both Republicans and Democrats.