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Texas abortions down 13 percent since law changed

Texas Abortion Restrictions

Eric Gay / AP

A new report says the decline was not as large as expected after the Texas Legislature made numerous changes to state law that went into effect last November.

Texas lawmaker wants legal ruling on slot-machine like devices

A state representative wants Texas’ top attorney to weigh in on whether historical racing, and these machines, are legal at horse and dog racetracks.

Granger calls for ‘compassionate but tough solutions’ to border crisis

The Fort Worth Republican leads a group of GOP leaders focused on finding some “common-sense” responses to the immigration mess while ensuring the safety of children.

Taking Sides: On the immigration crisis

“Star-Telegram” columnists Bob Ray Sanders and Cynthia Allen debate the tough choices that lie ahead on immigration and the border crisis.

2014: A costly election year

More than $1.3 million has been raised in some local legislative and statewide races.