Massey's Demolished Wednesday

Legendary Fort Worth restaurant known for chicken-fried steak knocked down.

Libby Villari

Fort Worth actress Libby Villari plays the main character's grandmother in "Boyhood". She is at home on Eagle Mountain lake between acting jobs.

Real Madrid vs Roma

Soccer at the Cotton Bowl Tuesday.

Yankees Rangers 7.29.14

J.P. Arencibia has 7 RBI in 12-11 loss.

Cowboys Camp 7.29.14

Sean Lee talks about his future in Oxnard Tuesday.

ESPN plans return to Sundance

With a chemistry that survived the Super Bowl ice storm, ESPN will return to downtown Fort Worth for two college football shows

Yankees Rangers 7.28.14

Yu Darvis beats the Yankees as Derek Jeter has three hit night.

Skatepark closed to clean graffiti

Arlington park to be closed at least two weeks.

Gone With The Wind Museum

Vicky Rogers displays her collection in Cleburne.

Cowboys Camp 7.27.14

Michael Irvin watches practice in Oxnard Sunday.