With long experience in government including 10 years as mayor of Arlington, an adjunct professorship in UT Arlington's School of Urban and Public Affairs and service as President George W. Bush's regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, Richard Greene is an expert on public policy, politics and decision-making on issues facing North Texas. He has strong opinions about elected officials and those who would like to join them. You can reach him here: mayorgreene@mayorgreene.com

Don’t question motives in school bond proposal

| |Saturday, Apr. 26, 2014

Opposition is coming from some who don’t live in the Arlington district.

Push for excellence in Arlington schools

| |Saturday, Apr. 19, 2014

Our future is on the shoulders of students who need our support.

Enough with the condescension about Arlington

| |Saturday, Apr. 12, 2014

A writer covering Final Four weekend proceeded to sully the town.

Leave top Democratic leaders alone

| |Saturday, Apr. 05, 2014

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are among the best things Republicans have going.

Ray Hutchison’s remarkable Arlington legacy

| |Thursday, Apr. 03, 2014

Ballpark was just one example of indomitable service to the city.

The future of energy is traditional

| |Sunday, Mar. 30, 2014

Maybe after November the president will approve the Keystone pipeline

Why Rangers fans love spring training

| |Saturday, Mar. 22, 2014

Surprise Stadium gives an up-close game experience.

Booting rascals from Congress appealing but rare

| |Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014

Polls show deep disapproval, but most incumbents are re-elected.

Do endorsements count for much in elections?

| |Saturday, Mar. 08, 2014

Aggressive conservative organizations had Tuesday’s elections pegged.

Will religious voters impact the outcome of Tuesday’s elections?

| |Saturday, Mar. 01, 2014

The word religious only draws complaints when paired with conservative.