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A 'fantastic meeting' for Trump and Kim

Trump and Kim are two men who survive, in politics, with propaganda machines that help trumpet success. The optics of their meeting will allow both to gain personally, even if the expectations of the summit don't materialize.

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Educators disagree on what we're really learning from statewide STAAR tests? Here are two views

Education professionals disagree about whether we can actually assess individual learning by looking at the results of the high-stakes STAAR tests administered in public schools across Texas. Bill McHenry, associate professor of counseling education at St. Edwards University in Austin, says the tests are important in measuring student success. Eric Simpson, the Director of Learning and Leadership Services for the Texas Association of School Administrators, says the STAAR test was not designed to measure a student’s mastery of a specific subject area. He says it is designed to compare student groups from across the state.

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On LGBT issues, the GOP should follow business

The Republican Party of Texas has taken positions on LBGTQ issues that strongly offend that community. The contentious bathroom bill that would have restricted restrooms for transgender students not only alienated LGBTQ people, businesses objected and promised to take their events and companies out of Texas if it passed. This writer says that should have been a wake-up call for the Texas GOP to be more accepting of LGBTQ people and their agenda.

Woman's body recovered in Fort Worth field

A woman's body was found in a grassy area near the wall of a gated neighborhood in southwest Fort Worth early Tuesday.