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Thank you, Mrs. Bush

In early 1989, when the country was still very ignorant and fearful of AIDS, Lou got a call from the White House. First lady Barbara Bush was planning to visit Grandma's House, a home for infants with AIDS.

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The dogs of war are howling

The United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting Friday to discuss Syria. President Trump noted that Americans usually unite during troubled times. A common enemy is helpful. What could be more unifying than World War III?

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Fake news vs. 'Fake news'

Call me crazy, but when a local news station is required to have its anchor read propaganda created by its master — in this case Sinclair Broadcast Group — it is not to be taken seriously. Indeed, it is to be feared.

Scuffle breaks out over immigration laws in Texas State Capitol

Video from the House's Chief of Staff shows the scuffle that broke out on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives on May 29. Protesters gathered inside the Texas State Capitol in protest of SB4, legislation that could ban sanctuary cities.
McClatchy Twitter/Nar Dorrycott via Storyful