Cynical about Davis

Saturday, Sep. 20, 2014

In recent days, the Democrat gubernatorial nominee, Wendy Davis, launched her booksigning tour to sell her memoir, Forgetting to Be Afraid, in which she reveals that she ended two pregnancies and that her mother attempted suicide as well as attempting to kill Davis and her siblings.

Questions for AG

Saturday, Sep. 20, 2014

I have many questions for Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Superintendent search

Saturday, Sep. 20, 2014

I want to answer the sentiment expressed in Thursday’s editorial concerning the search for a new Fort Worth school district superintendent.

All Points: Can Texas politicians capture Hispanic votes?

Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014

In this and every election season, Texas politicians head for the Rio Grande Valley to demonstrate their keen interest in Hispanic voters. But around 4.5 million of the state’s 9.5 million Hispanics live in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas, while only 1.1 million live in the Valley.

Does players’ bad off-field behavior tarnish the NFL’s image? Should it?

Sunday, Sep. 21, 2014

Shocking video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee out cold during an argument on an elevator this year has rocked the NFL and cost Rice his contract. Other players have been suspended when they’ve been charged with domestic abuse, various other misdeeds and other lawbreaking, but has it been enough? Are fans willing to tolerate bad off-field behavior in exchange for the thrill of the game, or does tolerance have limits? Does the NFL need to adopt tougher policies to protect its public image?

Wonderful exhibit

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

I think the “Meet Me at the Trinity” photo exhibit at the Amon Carter Museum is excellent.

Don’t rush to judgment

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

With all due respect to Marilyn Gabler’s Sept. 16 letter about the man who beheaded James Foley having a British accent, it is in areas like these where we need to watch our own ignorance and prejudice lest they cause further conflict.

Nine long innings

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

Tuesday’s sports section contained an interesting article for baseball fans entitled, “Why does baseball take so long?”

Fighting Alzheimer’s

Friday, Sep. 19, 2014

I think Attorney General Greg Abbott is too busy spending his millions on the governor’s race to give a flip about the thousands of Texans afflicted with Alzheimer’s. (See: “Maker of Alzheimer’s drug is sued,” Tuesday, September 16)

TEX Rail costs

Thursday, Sep. 18, 2014

TEX Rail’s impact is more complex than the portrayal of a community trying to prevent “progress.”