Cheers & Jeers

August 22, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: As much as the players on the Dallas Cowboys are trying on the field to impress the fans, they can’t lift a leg to the cheerleaders who are doing a better job wowing the fans. They are the real heroes (or shall I say, she-roes) for keeping the game fun.

Cheers: As much as the players on the Dallas Cowboys are trying on the field to impress the fans, they can’t lift a leg to the cheerleaders who are doing a better job wowing the fans. They are the real heroes (or shall I say, she-roes) for keeping the game fun.

— Anthony Chilson Jr., Princeton

Cheers: To Dr. Mendelson, nurses, anesthetist and all staff for their kind and professional care given recently before, during and after a colonoscopy procedure at North Texas GI Surgery Center in Arlington.

— Geraldine Murphy, Arlington

Cheers: To HomeTeam Pest Defense in Grand Prairie. Special thanks to these team professionals: Mike Johnson, David Salyer, Jonathan Denham and Dorian Davila for excellent service. Went above and beyond to solve a real problem at my home. I have used their service for eight years, quarterly.

— Margaret Fletcher, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the very honest and caring person who returned my purse (intact) to customer service at the Lake Worth Wal-Mart Aug. 13 when I stupidly left it in the basket after unloading groceries and drove off. God bless.

— Joan Bender, Lakeside

Jeers: To law enforcement. Texas law requires front and rear license plates. Grandson, driving with no front plate, was involved in three moving violations in 14 months. He was rightfully ticketed for each violation, but not for lack of a front plate. Granddaughter gets stopped and ticketed for no front plate. Am I missing something?

— Ellyn A. King, Southlake

Cheers: To Westworth Village community relations police officer J. Miller for his kindness and professionalism in fingerprinting me for nursing license.

— Kim Edmonds, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Fort Worth Police Officer Brad Neal. My son and I had occasion to interact with him on a hot August Sunday night in eastbound Interstate 30 construction traffic. We very much appreciated his exemplary execution of professional courtesy.

— Judith Hedges, Arlington

Cheers: To the Fort Worth police officer who stopped on Handley-Ederville Road to help a lady change her flat tire.

— Tim Piper, Richland Hills

Cheers: To the person or persons who found my purse in the Mansfield Walnut Creek Wal-Mart parking lot basket area. They actually drove my purse to my house and placed my purse in a Wal-Mart shopping bag between the screen door and door.

— Jeri Lyn Williams, Mansfield

Jeers: To the parents of two young children whom they allowed to run throughout a breakfast buffet, and one child who jumped on the salad bar to get what they wanted using their hands. And you stood watching and said nothing.

— Carol Lopez, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the lifeguards at Dove Pool in Grapevine who have saved two lives — one a three-year-old child — this summer using CPR.

— Bruce W. Rider, Grapevine

Jeers: To a hamburger chain restaurant advertising cheeseburgers on sale for half price. That’s exactly what you got — just cheese and meat on a bun. Boy, was I fooled. I thought it would be a regular cheeseburger. I love their burgers, but not that way.

— Dorothy Melton, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Baylor Medical Surgical Center at UNT Medical Center. They took care of my bleeding arm until I could reach an emergency center. Great nurses!

— Jim Luhn, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Advanced Air and Northeast Paint and Body for value and service that will restore my faith in my fellow man and businesses in northeast Fort Worth.

— Joy Oujesky, Hurst

Cheers: To the four firemen at Station 19 on North Sylvania and Carnation avenues for coming to my rescue when I fell in my back yard and couldn’t get up. They were there in no time after my wife called them. Thank you for helping an old man.

— Al Belota, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. Alan Garrett, who operated on both my feet eight years ago. My feet are pain-free and I can wear shoes again. Dr. Garrett was named a “Top Doc” in podiatry by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine 2014 edition.

— Sue Ann Beckner, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the great staff at Einstein Bros. Bagels on South Cooper Steet and U.S. 287. They are so sweet and they have great food. And Maria there makes me a messy looking hot chocolate with whipped cream that’s super good. They have great bagels! It will be worth the trip.

— Barbara Bell, Arlington

Jeers: To some neighbors in Burleson where my kids just moved into a new neighborhood. When visiting, we were outside several times while many neighbors were outside as well and no one ever even said “Hello.” Shame on rude neighbors. Where was the welcoming committee?

— Kathy Trammell, Drury, Mo.

Cheers: To the owner of Circle Cleaners in Fort Worth, who helped me when my tire blew out. Thank you changing my tire, offering water, a cool place to sit and offering your vehicle that would have allowed me to pick up my daughter from school. Your kindness and generosity is rare.

— Alice Valero, Keller

Cheers: To the gentleman in a black cap with his wife and two children for buying our brunch at IHOP in Lake Worth on Sunday. You surprised a grateful retired, disabled Vietnam vet and his wife. Thank you so much. We will surprise someone else.

— Dick and Evelyn Fish,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To all of the doctors and nurses who cared for me during my recent stay at North Hills Hospital. All of the staff showed above excellence and professionalism in their manner of care and willingness to show me compassion. Thank you.

— Barbara Koller, Hurst

Jeers: To a national insurance company’s TV commercials for depicting our brave veterans in a pitiful manner just to sell their insurance. It also exposes the greed TV stations use to make money.

— Trent Spahr, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Ron Wright, Tarrant County tax assessor-collector, for your courageous and unyielding faith in exercising our U.S. motto, “In God We Trust,” on every document from your office. Fear not and be not ashamed, for God is with you.

— Tommie Carter Jr., Fort Worth

Cheers: To Mike, Charlie and Aaron at A/C Service Company in Fort Worth. They replaced our entire air conditioning system during one of hottest and most humid days in July. They are the best.

— Randy Thompson, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Palo Pinto General Hospital emergency room and third floor. My recent stay was made more comfortable by the caring nurses: Wendy, Sharon, Susan and Kim especially. The most paged and requested was Elisha who always remained cheerful, kind and helpful.

— Patricia Scott, Mineral Wells

Cheers: To the person who paid for dinner for my wife and me at El Fenix on East Copeland Road Aug. 15. Our waitress said you did not want to be identified. My wife and I are seniors (88 and 89), and I am a World War II Navy vet.

— John A. Earle, Arlington

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