Cheers & Jeers

June 27, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: And a big THANK YOU to Fort Worth police officers and firefighters for standing out in the pouring rain to guide motorists through flooded intersections during the rain event on Tuesday. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Cheers: And a big THANK YOU to Fort Worth police officers and firefighters for standing out in the pouring rain to guide motorists through flooded intersections during the rain event on Tuesday. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

— Carolann Krause, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. Karen Van Wagner for a life well-lived. She fought hard to realize better healthcare for Tarrant County. We were not always on the same side of an issue, but she never made it personal and always showed respect. The absence of her voice will leave a void in Tarrant healthcare.

— Dr. Charles Andrews, Fort Worth

Cheers: To District 9 City Council candidates Ann Zadeh and Ed Lasater for both conducting such a positive runoff campaign. There were no negative campaign flyers or ads. Their campaign has been a breath of fresh air after all the negative ads and mudslinging during the recent primaries. Hats off to both.

— Julia Dobbins, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the branch post office at Dirks and Bryant-Irvin roads in Southwest Fort Worth. It’s not my closest postal branch, but it’s worth an extra mile or two to find the staff consistently friendly, polite and efficient.

— Dan Smith, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Boy Scout Troop 95 in Benbrook and leaders Steve Adams, Raymond Swillik, Robert Beimler, and all the other helpers who made our fish fry a tremendous success. The Scouts were so attentive in serving guests. The meal was delicious. Thanks to John Owens for donations to the previous events.

— Frances Covington, Benbrook

Cheers: To gifted musicians Wyeth String Quartet and Arborlawn United Methodist Church for a fantastic concert held in the beautiful chapel. What an extraordinary blessing it was.

— Toni Wietholter, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Curtis in the meat department of a grocery off Interstate 30 at Hulen Street. He was very efficient, professional and, when I wished him a Happy Father’s Day, he replied with “Happy Flag Day!” How American, and how cool! Thanks.

— Mark Boren, Fort Worth

Cheers: To all the men’s college baseball teams that made it to the College World Series. Jeers to the coaches who blamed the stadium for their team not winning the tournament.

— Jim Mobley, Burleson

Cheers: To those voters who went back to the polls last Saturday in local election runoffs. Very few, but thank God for our freedom to vote.

— Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City

Cheers: To OldWest Cafe in Grapevine where we enjoy breakfast. We repeatedly return because their food has been consistently good and their wait staff friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Customers are friendly and, apparently because we look like a loving couple (or destitute), once in a while someone even buys our meal.

— Rod and Belle Reincke, Grapevine

Cheers: To the TCU baseball team. What a class act, from the coaches to the players! Even though we didn’t win, the players were friendly, accessible to fans and made all of us proud. We will take it all next year! Omaha 2015: Here come the Frogs!

— Susan and Jim Smith,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To a Benbrook restaurant for calling the police because I sat in the parking lot while the storms passed Tuesday. The officer did her job on taking my name and numbers. I wondered why. Was it my color?

— Kenneth J. Cope, Fort Worth

Cheers: And many thanks to the two lady Burleson officers who rescued me when my electric scooter ran out of power on Hidden Creek Parkway, and stayed with me until my son arrived.

— C.W. West, Burleson

Cheers: To the Givens Trophy Center in Haltom City for 25-plus years serving customers with a smile and a lot of hard work that is resulting in a happy retirement. We will miss you very much.

— Gay Nell Brown and family,


Cheers: To the Secret Garden Restaurant at the Montgomery Street Antique Mall. The food is always great, along with a wonderful staff of waitresses who make lunch enjoyable. Thanks to all who work in the kitchen as well.

— Eric Johnson, Benbrook

Cheers: To Stephanie and Megan for being awesome at bartending. Jeers to management for sitting at the bar while they struggle to fill orders. How about knowing your venue and staffing accordingly? Or better yet, how about helping out?

— Shauna and Greg Glatz,


Cheers: To Dr. Lon Walder and Lake Granbury Medical Center. They found my problem and applied corrective action. I have not received better service in any facility. They even met their own schedule to have me on my way home within two minutes of their self-imposed goal.

— Frank McDonald, Bluff Dale

Cheers: To the kind gentleman who left a $5 tip for two small glasses of lemonade last Saturday. We didn’t notice your tip until after you drove away. But with your tip, my son made a profit on his lemonade stand and felt so very proud. Many thanks.

— Cassie Hart, Arlington

Jeers: To the Dallas County Commissioners Court for voting on a resolution without reading it first. They should all be impeached. We elect representatives on our behalf. Don’t we have any right to expect they will do so honestly and responsibly? Voting on any issue without having a clue what you’re voting for is irresponsible, dishonest and should be criminal.

— Wayne Greb, Arlington

Jeers: To TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle. Rather than complaining about 2011 aluminum bat rules, why not spend more time teaching the team to hit with wooden bats? When they go pro, they won’t have aluminum anyway.

— Rick Dominguez, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the June 12 Bedford Mayor’s Roundtable Q&A session, where residents were summarily dismissed only for asking that the council resurrect and reconsider the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) approach to feral cat propagation. As saying goes, “Has the fat lady sung?”

— Sandra Louise Patterson, Bedford

Jeers: To the inordinate amount of news coverage given the Lake Whitney house on the cliff. An interesting story, but not top-story worthy, much less deserving expanded TV coverage or newspaper space.

— Kevin Wasner, Fort Worth

Cheers: To crews from Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing. They have been out to our house twice this year for major repairs. The plumbers are always prompt, professional and friendly. They even answer the 1,000 questions that my kids ask them. We are grateful for a company that never hurries and does a great job.

— Sarah Boyette, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the doctor at a Burleson emergency clinic who recently had a serious cough and treated my 87-year-old friend without wearing a mask.

— Fred Coyle,


Cheers: To the TCU baseball team for making it to the College World Series. Thank you for a historic post-season ride of a lifetime. You showed grit, heart and courage. We loved it.

— Carolyn Fraley,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the North Texas Tollway Authority for discriminating against the poor by charging so much. Poor people and minimum-wage people can’t afford to use toll lanes.

— Jackie Robinson,


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