Cheers & Jeers

June 20, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Jeers: To KXAS/Channel 5 news. Watching all morning and still listening to a bunch of drivel about the lake house on fire. We know what happens — there are flames. Felt sorry for reporters Kristi and Eric killing time. Tell reporter Julie Fine that one doesn’t say “10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.” A.M. means morning.

Jeers: To KXAS/Channel 5 news. Watching all morning and still listening to a bunch of drivel about the lake house on fire. We know what happens — there are flames. Felt sorry for reporters Kristi and Eric killing time. Tell reporter Julie Fine that one doesn’t say “10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.” A.M. means morning.

— Lorna Parker, Benbrook

Cheers: To Jim Schlossnagle and his group of coaches running this TCU baseball program. Another bright spot in Fort Worth.

— Mike Hajas, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Chris Roiz, mechanic at Mountain Valley Lube Center in Joshua. With honesty and integrity of an angel, he repaired my car to as it should at a fair price. His high ethics give me assurance to recommend him.

— Sylvia Stewart, Joshua

Cheers: To the great doctors and nurses at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, especially Dr. Patel who is wonderful and caring. They have been very careful in making decisions because of my age (90). I feel so blessed.

— Vicki Salem, Keller

Cheers: To everyone at Einstein Bros. on West Seventh Street. If you are looking for good customer service, look no more. Lakeshia Jones is good working with everyone, along with Marcus Diggs, who is “crunk” every morning. You can tell he loves his job, and he talks to everyone. Love the food

— Donnell Ballard,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the angel from God, Carolynne Remobatey, who came to my aid June 2 after I had a heart attack on Lakeside Drive and rolled my car into the grass. I had no pulse, and she did CPR on me in my car and called 911. She saved my life. God be with you.

— Laurie James, Benbrook

Jeers: To President Obama for releasing the top five Islamic terrorists of all time and then offering a reward of $15 million for four other Islamic terrorists. Seriously?

— Roger Campbell, Burleson

Cheers: To Bonnie Melton for finding my miniature schnauzer that had gotten out. I was looking for her when Mrs. Melton drove up, asked if I had lost a dog, and there was Lilo sitting in the front seat safe and sound. Thank you. Thank you.

— Mary Lovelady, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the unknown precious angel who found my black leather coin wallet containing no ID at Arlington Memorial Hospital on June 9 and turned it in to security. You restored my faith in “good people!” Bless you!

— Rachel Anderson,


Jeers: To the coaches of a youth baseball team for putting their sons and favorite boys first. They need to think about how it appears when some always play infield and bat high in the lineup. The morale of the team is suffering. The other boys see this and feel hopeless.

— John Miller, Saginaw

Cheers: To our local postal carrier, Steve Ayala, who recently received a 25-year service certificate for his work in the Postal Service delivery system. He has been a blessing to all of us in the North Richland Hills area. Thanks, Steve.

— Mildred and Geroge Dixon,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Cable Electric and Charlie’s Plumbing who respond to their customers quickly, and with good service at reasonable prices. I could not have gotten into my new home without their help.

— Faithe Gordon, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the unnamed angels who came to my rescue after a car hit me in the parking lot of a drug store. Your selfless act saved me from possible death. Also, a grateful nod to Benbrook paramedics and police for their quick response. May God continue to bless you.

— Kathleen Rubenkoenig,


Cheers: To the person who found my wedding ring at the Fort Worth Convention Center. I attended the Weatherford graduation Saturday, May 31, and Sunday I could not find my ring. I called the Convention Center Monday and they had my ring. I hope the person who turned it in reads this. God bless you.

— Ardath Phillips,


Jeers: To our four main TV stations and their closed captions. You misspell words, stop in the middle of a sentence, skip paragraphs and do not end the report. That leaves the hearing-impaired wondering what it was all about.

— Joe Rodriguez, Arlington

Jeers: To a North Richland Hills veterinarian. I scheduled an appointment for my young rescue Tomcat that had a small sore on his back. After only looking at it, she told me it didn’t look bad, but if it gets worse come back. She spent 15 minutes with him and charged me $137.

— Gary Bingham,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: To DFW Airport for eliminating direct access to ground transportation upon arrival at the baggage claim area in Terminal A currently under major construction. Elevators were closed, no escalators in this part of terminal, and the wall signage directed us to a dead end.

— Susie and Lynn Murphy

Fort Worth

Cheers: To all the guys at In-N-Out Lube on Azle Avenue. My battery died in a parking lot a few blocks away and Tony came with jumper cables. New battery installed in minutes. Best customer service ever.

— William Paxton,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. LaNasa, Rose, Katie, Gabby, Chelsey and the staff at USMD Cancer Center in South Arlington. Everyone there was always pleasant. Your care and fun personalities made my treatment plan less stressful and easy to complete. Thanks again.

— Mark Hunka, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the families which make such a loud scene at high school graduations. It’s a ceremony not a party. Show some respect — it’s the kids day, not yours.

— Joel Andersen, Arlington

Cheers: To Keith, the arborist, and Kelly and his crew from J. Davis Tree Care who year after year always do a professional job trimming the oak trees in our front yard. They work hard, they work fast and leave nothing behind but beautiful trees.

— C.J. Reinhart, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the woman at the Weatherford Home Depot. I got a call that my best friend was losing her battle with cancer, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Although you didn’t know me, you said, “Looks like you could use a hug.” you hugged me and said you were so sorry.

— Teresa Fishkin, Weatherford

Cheers: To everyone who stopped at the corner of Airport Freeway and Haltom Road to assist me in rounding up my three dogs that had gotten out of my car. Thank you, thank you.

— Connie Bogard, Hurst

Jeers: To a local television station for interrupting the last five minutes of The Price is Right for a “Special Report.” You could have waited five more minutes when the news was about to be on. This is not the first time.

— Jean Hash, Burleson

Cheers: To the Fort Worth Cats for giving all the dads in the crowd — and others too — a great Father’s Day gift: a come-from-behind, seven-run, bottom-of-the-ninth 7-6 win over the Brownsville Charros. Cats, I think you were just as amazed at the final score as we were.

— John Will, Burleson

Cheers: To the lady who paid for my produce at Bedford Farmers Market (a great place) on May 29. What a kind thing to do, making a great birthday even more so. So it is with a grateful heart I say thank you so very much. Paying it forward!

— Sandy Kays,


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