Cheers & Jeers

June 6, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Guns, war movies and the Tollway Authority are targets of our readers’ ire.

Cheers: To Kelly McDonald and his Brock High School archery team! Good luck at the World Tournament. This is a great story that deserves to be made into a major film. I can see the ending scene: McDonald has stood by as team loads onto bus for World’s, smiles, dons driver’s cap and boards.

— Sid Moore,


Jeers: To all those gun-toting Republicans who’ve turned their state convention into nothing but a Fort Worth gun-show. I wonder who’ll be left when the gun-smoke settles: the gun-nuts on the inside who’d arm criminals and college students or the gun-nuts outside trying to carry their military-style assault weapons into restaurants.

— Sharon Austry,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the decision to close the Catholic Renewal Center and Bookstore which have been beacons of light and hope for many people for many years.

— Martha B. Walker,


Cheers: To China Town Restaurant on Airport Freeway in Bedford. Their restaurant is a haven of delicious food served in generous portions, superb service and a calming atmosphere. My husband and I consider it to be the perfect place for long, relaxing conversations. The employees are very kind and friendly.

— Donna Edwards, Colleyville

Cheers: To the couple who helped a lost white-haired lady get to Ninth and Rosedale streets. I got to my doctor’s appointment on time.

— Helen Wibbenmeyer,


Cheers: To the nice couple who paid for my lunch May 10 at Catfish and Company in Hurst. Also cheers to the Karl Kessle family for a wonderful Mother’s Day.

— Julia Bridges, Hurst

Cheers: To Brian, Brent and Robert for fixing my car on Sunday (6/1/14). You are my heroes!

— Sammye Miller,

Edgecliff Village

Cheers: To the management and staff at Watauga Bowling Lanes. Everyone is very helpful and polite. It is a pleasure to bowl in this friendly atmosphere.

— Ruth Cleary, Bedford

Cheers: To Sydney and Avery’s grandmother, Alice! My mother purchased the book “Ferdinand the Bull” at Barnes and Noble in Southlake. Inside she found a note that the grandmother had left for both of you. What a sweet note with great words of wisdom and love! I would love to return it to you! It’s priceless!

— Karen Russell,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: to the TV showing of the war movies, Windwalker and We Were Soldiers, on Memorial Day. Nicolas Cage almost completely ignored the true Native Americans in this film. Mel Gibson’s We Were Soldiers was criticized by these veterans as a glorified, inaccurate version of this battle.

— Trent Spahr, Fort Worth

Jeers: To Texas Sen. John Cornyn for all of a sudden being concerned about the Veterans Affairs. He and Sen. Cruz have voted against funding for the VA, in an election year, he is now acting concerned. Don’t believe it.

— Ed Lindsay, Fort Worth

Cheers: To a lovely assisted living home in Arlington called Angelic Place. Brenda Myers and her wonderful staff take loving care of my mother in a beautiful home setting. My siblings and I are so thankful we found them!

— Beth Fulton, Arlington

Cheers: To Angela at the Euless Public Library for consistently creating such engaging, interactive, fun-filled story times for the pre-schoolers. She’s an important part of why my 4-year-old daughter loves visiting the library and reading books.

— Susan Gechter, Bedford

Jeers: To me for parking at a shop near Magnolia Avenue. Evening tow truck business is brisk. A night out in Fairmount cost me $300 and a trip to Kennedale to get my car back. How safe is it to strand someone in the dark like that?

— Jenny Anderson,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the impatient man in the white Toyota Corolla on Sunday, June 1, honking at two Fort Worth police officers to move so he could get to a pump. There were five empty pumps you could have gone to. You should be ashamed of yourself.

— Carol Lopez, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the company we called for pest control when a squirrel got trapped inside a wall. They advertise a $65 removal. The gentlemen they sent had no interest in the critter, but did “discover” a serious rat infestation that they could fix for $7,100. An honest company later freed the squirrel and found no rats.

— Bill Joslin, Benbrook

Jeers: To an area middle school. After numerous letters to administration regarding the bullying that occurs there, I finally had to remove my son from the school. It’s sad when the bullies are treated better than the kids that are bullied.

— Terri Cribbs, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Kelvin Rogers and installers Antonio and Nelson of AireServ Heating & Air Conditioning on White Settlement Road. We appreciate your fairness and your prompt, respectful and efficient installation of our new system. Thanks for a job well done!

— Ken Mayfield,


Jeers: To our government, the Veterans Affairs. My nephew served in the Navy 14 1/2 years, had kidney trouble and no help from the VA. Now kidney cancer has spread — no hope beyond chemo. What does that tell President Obama and his secretary of the VA?

— Zelma Hudson, Hurst

Jeers: To the North Texas Tollway Authority for their “all talk and no action” policy to combat toll violators. Put some teeth in your rhetoric. Blocking their vehicle registration isn’t going to work — they’ll drive with expired stickers. You know who they are, impound their vehicles. They’ll come begging to settle up.

— Walter C. Schmick, Jr.,


Jeers: To the older man in the tan car who pulled up in front of my house, said he was my neighbor and did yard work for over 40 years. That was my savings. I needed help, not getting scammed. This has changed my life forever. Good luck on Judgment Day.

— Shirley Williams,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the city of Fort Worth departments that refuse to work together. Even among divisions within a department there is unwillingness to do anything that is not “core function.” Is it so terrible when Code Compliance helps the fire department by checking smoke detectors?

— Charles R. Snyder,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To a major retail store who doesn’t live up to its motto saving a customer money. This is false advertising because they don’t accept all coupons. I am not saving money. Coupons are being wasted because they are not used.

— Cindy White,


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