Cheers & Jeers

May 16, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To the Chisholm Trail Parkway for quick work on a much needed freeway connecting downtown to southwest Fort Worth and Cleburne. Jeers to the city of Fort Worth for capping the speed limit at 50 miles an hour on an expensive new tollway.You’re defeating its very purpose.

Cheers: To the Chisholm Trail Parkway for quick work on a much needed freeway connecting downtown to southwest Fort Worth and Cleburne. Jeers to the city of Fort Worth for capping the speed limit at 50 miles an hour on an expensive new tollway.You’re defeating its very purpose.

— Markus Kypreos, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the North Texas Tollway Authority for not making the new Chisholm Trail Parkway toll-free for the first 30 days. Since motorists here are not used to paying tolls, it would be a great way to get drivers to try it out and then convert them into paying customers.

— Barry Lynas, Joshua

Cheers: To the honest and thoughtful person out there who found my EECU credit card at the Valero in Saginaw, May 2 and returned it to a EECU branch. I will be paying it forward.

— Kelly Stewart, Saginaw

Cheers: To Brown Trail Animal Hospital’s doctors and staff for providing exemplary veterinary services. Special cheers to registered veterinary technician, Linda Robinson, who so ably serves as patient-care coordinator and doctor-client liaison. Her importance to the clinic appears much like that of a paralegal’s to a law firm — huge.

— James and Patsy Watson, Bedford

Cheers: To the staff of the Animal Hospital of Park Glen for their compassionate treatment when we had to say good-bye to our beloved cat, Goober. They treated her, and us, with comfort and care. A good experience during a very sad time.

— Mary Hutchins, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Greg Anderson for donating raw goat’s milk to our organization, Texas Metro Wildlife Rehabilitators. We use the goat’s milk to feed our baby wildlife that we rehabilitate for release!

— D’Ann Woodle, Lakeside

Cheers: This past Sunday on Sundance Square was the most enjoyable, fun time imaginable. And it was free. The Fort Worth Jazz Group was an incredible group of very talented musicians. It was a terrific afternoon of quality entertainment. Many Thanks.

— Toni Wietholter, Fort Worth

Jeers: To all the heating and air-conditioning contractors who charge 300 to 400 percent mark-ups to their contract customers for normal maintenance replacement parts such as air filters, water screens, freon, etc. Cheers to those whom are ethical and not as greedy.

—Richard Baumgartner,


Cheers: To Gus Bates and Jeb Bradshaw. Thank you for my wonderful smile!

— Cheryl Gay, Fort Worth

Cheers: To all the teachers and assistants at the Lil Goldman Early Learning Center. My great-grandson has attended there for five years and has received loving care, a great education and wonderful preparation to enter kindergarten this coming fall. Thanks to all of you.

— Sonya Stenzler, Fort Worth

Jeers: To Dr. Tierce, the veterinarian. However, some blame must lie with owners too cowardly to stay with “beloved family pets” while being euthanized. The boundless love pets give deserves nothing less than our broken hearts in return.

— Tammy Bailey, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a state lawmaker’s staff for failing to report state and federal insurance fraud, but instead implying the disabled victim gave false statements to state and local officials. The abuse of people with disabilities knows no bounds.

— Charles Bruscino, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Joel Burns for turning a negative into a positive; you are an unbelievable negotiator. Go to Washington to teach our current politicians. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, and you are what all politicians should strive to be. Fort Worth is a better place because of you.

— Jodie Wright-Tepfer,


Cheers: To the Rendon Fire Department. They came to check our home for a burning smell that thankfully did not escalate to a fire. Plus they were nice to give my son a tour of the fire truck. Our thanks and gratitude for your services in keeping families safe.

— Leann Sanchez and Family, Mansfield

Jeers: To the city of Arlington for water conservation. In the 1000 block of East Arlington Lane (eastbound), water has been coming out of the ground, running over sidewalk, curb, and down street for seven weeks now. Do city services employees talk to one another?.

— Don Wooldridge, Arlington

Cheers: To the nice family at the Texas Roadhouse in Bedford on Texas 121 for paying for our meal on Mother’s Day. A huge thank you, and God bless you. So nice to know folks like you exist.

— Laverne Hallmon and Von Lawson, Euless

Jeers: To the Texas Railroad Commissionesr who still haven’t discovered what’s causing Azle’s earthquakes, something fifth-graders could’ve figured out a year ago. Maybe the kids could explain to the commissioners what happens when billions of gallons of frack water are injected at high pressure deep into the earth: fracking earthquakes happen.

— Sharon Austry,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the owner of a Granbury landscape and construction company. My husband worked for him a week in April and the owner has dodged paying him for three weeks now. You are unprofessional. We have bills just like you.

— Megan Ramirez,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To me for falling, again, for the “Stamp out Hunger” campaign. Once more my donation of canned and packaged goods remained untouched at the base of my mailbox.

— Mary Martin,


Jeers: To thoughtless drivers. OK folks, it’s time for another reminder about using your turn signals. It’s not only safe but considerate. We can’t read your mind. It’s not “rocket surgery.”

— Joe Blackwell,


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