Cheers & Jeers

May 9, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To Micah Ahern, the 5-year-old cancer patient, an inspiration to all. Cheers to the TCU baseball team (as well as former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton) for giving him happy times in his journey.

Cheers: To Micah Ahern, the 5-year-old cancer patient, an inspiration to all. Cheers to the TCU baseball team (as well as former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton) for giving him happy times in his journey.

— Del Gabaldon, Grapevine

Cheers: And thank you to the Dallas Stars. They were thankful to all the fans, and I am returning the favor.

— Edwin Esparza, Fort Worth

Jeers: To David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick for their disgusting display of childishness during their so-called debate. When my daughters were little and acted like this, I’d spank them and send them to their rooms. What do you do with supposed adults?

— Bob Dorcy, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the lady who jumped out of her car at the corner of West Lancaster Avenue and University Drive about noon Wednesday. She spotted a duck and her ducklings trying to cross University from the Modern, going back toward the Trinity. This lady stopped traffic, directed traffic and ensured their safe crossing.

— Ken Davis, Weatherford

Cheers: To the dedicated Martin High School PTSA for Bahama Bash, the awesome on-campus after-prom event. So many man-hours went into coordinating, setting up and hosting. Thanks for giving so many students such wonderful memories!

— Julie Girton, Arlington

Cheers: To Dr. Tierce. We need to help the good doctor. He has experienced a huge loss of revenue from being unable to practice, and his legal fees are going to be considerable. I am not good at fundraising but I would be able to help.

— Glenda Patrick, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Travis at Park Place Lexus in Grapevine. After what I thought would be a long wait, he fixed my taillight problem within minutes at no charge. I call this fantastic customer service.

— Bill Hodges, Colleyville

Jeers: To audiences at local classical music concerts. Good behavior is really pretty simple. Do not talk at all when a group is performing, not even a whisper. Sit still. Put away your cellphone. This isn’t rocket science.

— Bill Tillotson, Arlington

Cheers: To the nice person who turned in my cellphone to Tom Thumb grocery on South Hulen Street after I unknowingly dropped it in the parking lot. I am glad there are still honest people out there.

— Betty Baugh, Benbrook

Jeers: To news readers and announcers calling the year “two thousand-14.” That’s fine for a wedding invitation, but otherwise sounds oh-so-last-decade. Haven’t these professionals noticed that most of their colleagues are using the much better pronunciation of “twenty-14”?

— Daniel J. Haase, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Crowley House of Hope, Billy Hutchings and all the volunteers for their 20 years of outstanding service to Crowley and Crowley ISD. Your dedication to helping those in need in our the community does not go unnoticed. Congratulations, and looking forward to the next 20.

— Weyland and

Leona Rapp, Crowley

Cheers: To the City of Mansfield for the Oliver Nature Park. It is a well-constructed, beautiful nature park with excellent trails for walking or jogging as well as a wonderful respite from big city life.

— Rick Weintraub, Arlington

Cheers: To the staff of Avalon Memory Care in Arlington and to Allstar Hospice for the loving care given to my mother during the past year and a half. You are very special people!

— Bonnie Flynt, Arlington

Cheers: To Atmos Energy for prompt attention to our problem. We had a very large limb fall o n our power lines; 45 minutes later the problem was solved, thanks to two nice Atmos employees.

— Marlene Vallejo, Fort Worth

Jeers: To bikers who feel they own the Trinity Trails. The trails are for everyone, and every bike rider, no matter what level or experience, should be treated with respect.

— Kia Igel, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the nice gentleman in the Birdville High School parking lot who successfully removed a gasoline can wedged under my car after I ran over it on Mid Cities Boulevard. He even disposed of it, holding it out the window while he drove away. Bless you.

— Dixie Miller,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Dan, Roy and Rudy from Fort Worth Water Department Crew #702. They helped us find our buried clean-out drain, suggested ways to clear the stoppage, and stayed with us while we tried their suggestions. They worked. Thank you so much.

— Tom and Thylis Chambless,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To medical nurses and guidance counselors for their tireless work in helping to improve the lives of others. It’s seldom they receive the accolades that they are due, but when they are recognized or thanked for their efforts, they are most welcomed.

— Ed Lindsay, Fort Worth

Jeers: To Portland, Ore., officials who say a 21-year-old man urinated in a reservoir. They said about 7.8 million gallons of drinking water will be discarded because of the incident although they regularly find dead animals in the same drinking supply but don’t dump the water.

— G.D. Pursley, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the two officers who worked an accident on eastbound Interstate 20 near Forest Hill Drive the evening of May 2. Your kindness and willingness to help were greatly appreciated.

— Kim Richwine and family, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the kind gentleman (my angel) who changed my tire on my truck on a cold morning. The area near Bryant-Irvin Road and Fort Worth Country Day School was busy with cars. I was worried he would get hit because some drivers were going by us so fast. He was so gracious.

— Robin Burton, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Benbrook Lake. Our scout troop made advance reservations and paid $60 to use the Longhorn Shelter for an annual family potluck. The parking lot gate and men’s restroom were locked and lights were off — our third such experience in recent years. We deserve a refund.

— Virginia Schmidt, Fort Worth

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