Cheers & Jeers

May 2, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Cheers: To the Blue Angels for giving everyone at UNT Health Science Center a free air show as they practiced right over our heads last weekend. I was able to watch from my office window and it was truly awesome! So glad to see them here again.

Cheers: To the Blue Angels for giving everyone at UNT Health Science Center a free air show as they practiced right over our heads last weekend. I was able to watch from my office window and it was truly awesome! So glad to see them here again.

— Wendy Stoecker, Arlington

Cheers: To Dr. Tierce with Camp Bowie Animal Clinic for all the years he has provided excellent care for our “furry babies.” I hope all his clients give him the support he gave us when we needed him. He was always there night and day 24/7. God bless Dr. Tierce.

— Patsy Holcomb, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the doctors at Camp Bowie Animal Clinic whom I have known for over 30 years. Two of my cats were kept comfortable in intensive care for a month and were allowed to go peacefully. Bless both veterinarians and all the staff.

— Bonnie Hromcik, Benbrook

Cheers: To Dr. Tierce for all the years of caring for my animals. He has always gone the extra mile when it came to taking care of them. He has never abused or been cruel to any animals. Shame on the media for picturing him as an evil person. His whole life has been caring for sick animals.

— Margie Ballew, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Jerry Starr. He headed for a shelter with his daughter and dog Tobi in Oklahoma. The shelter said “no animals,” so he left his daughter and he rode out the tornado in the car with Tobi. I will do the same with mine. He is my family. I will never let him be in danger.

— Audrey Blackmon, Mansfield

Jeers: To Fort Worth for charging school district teachers of the year $8 to park at their celebration dinner.

— Chris Roberts, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Rubin Rios with the Sewell auto dealerships who went the extra mile to give extraordinary service when I went to purchase a new car, an experience that can be stressful. My sincere thanks to Rubin for his courteous, kind and professional service.

— Margaret Terrell, Fort Worth

Jeers: To a Tarrant Regional Water District administrator for not giving director Mary Kelleher a key to the staff women’s restroom.

— Ann Sutherland, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the driver who hit my 21-year-old daughter while she was changing a flat tire last Nov. 1. Amanda died Nov. 25. They know where you are. Do the right thing and turn yourself in. Running never solved anything. Does your conscience bother you?

— Zane Hoppe, Colleyville

Cheers: To Dr. Rowe and her staff at Bedford Oaks Animal Clinic for many years of wonderful care given to Monty and Abby. Your compassion for all of your four-legged patients (and their owners) is so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

— Paul and Aimee Skingle, Bedford

Cheers: To the gentleman who paid for lunch for nine ladies at Applebee’s. We were celebrating two birthdays and really having a good time. We couldn’t believe it when the waitress told us that our lunch was already paid and want him to know that it was greatly appreciated.

— Jutta Bertelsen, Richland Hills

Cheers: To Dr. Stallings and the staff of I-20 Animal Medical Center for your compassionate care of our miniature schnauzer, Susie, during her final illness. Cheers also to Dr. W. Gordon Smyth and the staff at Bowen Road Animal Clinic for taking meticulous care of her during her 15 years with us.

— Warren and Kerstin Ehn,


Cheers: To the west Fort Worth Railhead Smokehouse for their generous discount for military (active and retired). The acknowledgment of our service is appreciated, and the BBQ is great!

— Joe Blackwell, Bedford

Cheers: To James Herring and Steve Williams and all those who helped them with the updates to the Hilltop Preschool playground equipment. Everyone worked so hard and many hours to give our preschool students and church kids a safe and special place to play.

— Cindy Drew and Hilltop,

Fort Worth

Cheers: And many thanks to the people who came to my aid and called my family after I had a terrible accident in my wheelchair and broke my nose when downtown.

— Susan K. McCaskill,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Tarrant Regional Water District directors. As an organization, you have learned how to shoot yourself in the foot and lose credibility with the electorate. Some great moves, gentlemen. The lady has you on the ropes and you call yourselves smart.

— Faris M. Callan Jr.,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To Fort Worth for installing AVL (auto vehicle locators) in all city vehicles. This is a “gotcha” tactic, and to add insult, they say it is not. Either you trust your employees or not. This indicates where you are, whether you’re idling or moving and how fast you’re going.

— Charles Richard Snyder,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To Senate Republicans for filibustering the $10.10 minimum wage bill. I’m sick of subsidizing businesses and paying employees for them. We buy things at their stores, then we pay taxes to pay for their employees’ food stamps, while many businesses hide their profits overseas to avoid taxes.

— Gabrielle Gordon,

Rural Tarrant County

Jeers: To a manufacturer of toilet tissue. They raised prices twice, narrowed the width an inch and increased the diameter of the tube. This makes the roll look larger and hang limp on the holder. Bring back the outhouse and Sears catalog.

— Francis Hurst, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Texas Department of Public Safety for closing the office in Lake Worth and posting a sign sending us to an office on Azle Avenue that was still under construction. They posted no other location.

— Judy Marsden, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Lowe’s on North Tarrant Parkway in Keller for the outstanding customer service displayed in replacing a dryer that didn’t work properly when installed with another within an hour. Special kudos to Brandon and Cecilia of the home delivery department as well as store manager Gary Ely.

— Pat Gardner,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To McAlister's Deli on Texas 26 in Colleyville for saving our staff meeting lunch. They promptly delivered a delicious meal with only 15 minutes’ notice after a local Mexican restaurant gave our order away to someone else. Double cheers to manager Rick for helping us out in a pinch.

— Dr. Susan Read and

Tara Animal Hospital staff,


Jeers: To a west Fort Worth bridal shop that sold a dress to my granddaughter that even their tailor wouldn’t touch. What good is an $1,800 dress if you can’t wear it? Cheers to the alteration shop Hip Cat Owls Tailoring in Azle, which took on the daunting task.

— Thresia Taylor, Willow Park

Jeers: To the mother at a Southlake home and garden store who pointed at a pest control technician and said to her son, “That’s why you go to college!” That technician was my son who graduated summa cum laude from UTA in December. I’m proud that he’s working until he goes to graduate school.

— Wendy Gates, Fort Worth

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