Cheers & Jeers

April 25, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Jeers: To Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott for his ridiculous stance against banning texting while driving. I get it that your handlers have advised you to promote anything that makes you look anti-big-government, but texting while driving is a safety issue, not a political issue.

Jeers: To Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott for his ridiculous stance against banning texting while driving. I get it that your handlers have advised you to promote anything that makes you look anti-big-government, but texting while driving is a safety issue, not a political issue.

— Bill Crawford, Bedford

Jeers: To state Rep. Lon Burnam. Have you forgotten all those questionable ballots in your favor, mailed in from nursing homes in your first election victory, when you won a close race? Now you are whining about your loss by a few votes. Could this be political justice?

— Francisco Hernandez,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To all those who helped make the People’s Law School April 5 at the Texas A&M School of Law successful. I look forward to and appreciate this yearly free service to the community.

— Lisa Gayle Markham,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Putin-Obama feud. Very dangerous with our military reduced to before World War II levels. The pending communist civil war in Ukraine and Russia is a domestic quarrel where the U.S. has no business. We have enough problems at home.

— Jack O. Lewis, Haltom City

Jeers: To the buffoons running Mineral Wells city government for their latest folly concerning the dilapidated Baker Hotel project. They want to commit city funds to the project. If anyone did spend an evening after remodeling, what would they drink? We now have no water thanks to this same group of incompetent city leaders.

— Gary Coen, Mineral Wells

Cheers: To Dr. Fisher-Wikoff and her superefficient staff at Texas Health Care (Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital). We couldn’t ask for better care or friendlier, more efficient service. Such a rare treat in this day and age.

— Patty and Joe Bravo,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the manager of the Colleyville Papa John’s. After calling in a pizza order for pickup during the holidays, I arrived without my billfold. Even after I offered to phone my husband to get our credit card number or to go back home to get my billfold, the manager let me have the pizza free

— Kathy Lee Hakala, Hurst

Cheers: To the Crossroads Sunday School Class at Travis Avenue Baptist Church for delivering fruit and dessert to the teachers and staff of George C. Clarke Elementary School last week. You are our treasured adopt-a-school partners and you make us feel appreciated every single day!

— Beth Enochs, librarian,

Fort Worth

Cheers: And many blessings to the thoughtful person who treated us to lunch in Bravo! Cucina Italiana on South Hulen Street on Good Friday. What an awesome thing to do. Nine Poly girls (Polytechnic High School classes 1954-55) were very grateful.

— Gene Middleton, Richland Hills

Cheers: To the person who sent a dessert to us at Joe’s Crab Shack April 19. My husband and I were celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary. Our waiter brought a dessert that someone gifted to us. Imagine our surprise! People need to do more acts of kindness to others.

— Karen Jones, Arlington

Jeers: To those who took my personal belongings after Michael died. Our wedding rings — not yours! Michael and I spent 20 years building that life together. It wasn’t yours! Give it back!

— John Shaw, Fort Worth

Jeers: To those who send anti-gun propaganda from socialists and communists (whether they know it or not). Some comments are outright silly and outrageous. Is it meant to inflame law-abiding, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans, who just want to protect themselves against criminal lunatics and a potential tyrannical government? Or just to spite anti-gunners against pro-gunners?

— Sal Zamora, Crowley

Cheers: To Tim, Wendy and Jimmy for running such awesome youth sports leagues. The effort they put in goes unmatched by any other league around. They are all so caring and want to make sure our kids have a great sports season.Thanks to the Arlington Sports Team! You guys rock.

— Dawn King, Arlington

Cheers: To the Fort Worth City Council for voting to extend the Stage 1 watering restrictions year-round. Texas is in the midst of a terrible drought with no relief in the near future and this vote is a win for water conservation!

— John MacFarlane,

Fort Worth

Cheers: And many thanks to a fine gentleman from Watauga who found and returned my billfold lost in the Aldi parking lot in Hurst. There are still good, honest people in this world and this man certainly fits in that category.

— Shelby Cobb, Hurst

Cheers: To Gene Thomas of Hurst for his letter on the Second Amendment in the Feb. 17 Star-Telegram. The “rights” noted belonged to the people in a militia at that time. I challenge educated people to “diagram” the Second Amendment and you can see the Founding Fathers meant for arms to be well-regulated.

— Jackie Robinson, Arlington

Jeers: To the Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival and its ticket prices. It is a little bit much. From $7 to $9 for a corny dog, $6 for a beer. Shame on you for all that greed. Three jeers to all who were involved in this.

— Joe Bullock,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To the nice lady, Natalie Moses, who came by after my car (with wife and sick cat) stalled coming from the vet. She used her cell phone and called AAA, found two men to push the car into a parking lot and drove my wife and cat home. Four other drivers offered help. Thanks to all.

— Eugene and Georgia Monkres,


Cheers: To the management of In & Out Burger on Interstate 20 near South Hulen Street. My daughter was buying dinner and came up $4 short on her debit card. They don’t take the only credit card she had, so they gave her the food. You can bet we’ll be customers again!

— G. S. Massingill,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the three police officers who escorted the funeral procession from Greenwood Funeral Home to Azleland Memorial Park after the service of our beloved Kay Barrington April 19. The distance and the procession were both long and these officers took great care in getting the family to their destination.

— Cindy Cremean,


Cheers: To Bill Moore and daughter Tina Moore along with other church members, for the outstanding job they did in arranging the performance of The Living Last Supper at Benbrook United Methodist Church. Also, to Kay Moreland for organizing the biblical “meal.” It was truly a moving program.

— Frances Covington,


Cheers: To Arlington Police Officer Utt for helping my special-needs son and myself to safety after my car broke down on busy Collins Street. Three police officers and one DPS officer passed by without a glance before Officer Utt took the time to push my car off the street.

— Silvia Briceno,


Cheers: To Melissa Shearin and the other unidentified woman for their bravery and compassion in comforting the victims of the car accident April 18 on East Loop 820. Although strangers, the two young men were someone’s sons, and the humanity displayed by these women was touching and inspiring.

— Susan Kennedy,


Jeers: To the two men who attempted to scare me into giving them $2,000 to avoid warrants for missing jury duty. They provided instructions to go to Kroger to get “green dot money paks” which I was to take to the courthouse the next day when I met with an assistant DA. I hung up and immediately called the Fort Worth Police.

— Susan B. Avery,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To so-called conservatives who rail on about voter fraud while it seems the only frauds are the conservatives who do so. Show some proof or shut up. Garry Trudeau is right; James Crow lives in our nation today.

— Mac McKinzie, Arlington

Cheers: To Joel and Joanne Downs for all the hard work they are putting in towards Joel`s campaign for the Hurst City Council. Good luck Joel!

— Elaine Wicker, Hurst

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