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04/18/2014 7:18 PM

04/18/2014 7:19 PM

Jeers: To an agriculture chemical company for spraying a weedkiller on genetically modified crops, thus killing thousands of acres of native milkweed — the only plant on which migrating Monarch butterflies will lay their eggs. Cheers to those buying GMO-free foods and planting milkweed in an attempt to prevent the extinction of this magnificent creature.

— Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Dallas Stars organization and fans. Yelling “Stars!” at the top of your lungs during the national anthem is disrespectful to the men and women of the armed forces. I am fed up and will not attend another game. You lost me as a fan.

— Clay Bransom, Graland

Jeers: To the city of North Richland Hills for building the new senior center in with the recreation center and not having enough close parking. The recreation members get there early, and when the seniors get there around 9 or 10 a.m. for games and different activities, they have to park at the back of the lot.

— Bill J. Woodall,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Thomson Electric for the fast, efficient service. Don was very knowledgeable and friendly. Very happy with price. Highly recommend.

— Pat Kobus, Fort Worth

Jeers: To dumb me for cleaning a like-new Char-Broil Infrared cooker for a Lost Creek garage sale and setting it outside with a price sign, where someone took it without notice. If whoever took it has a conscience and will send me what they think it is worth, I’ll send essential instructions and manual.

— Frank H. Sherwood,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To news writers who continue to refer to Dallas-Fort Worth as the Southwest. Look at a map. Texas, Dallas and Fort Worth are in the South Central states. New Mexico and Arizona are in the Southwest. Just because Walter Cronkite called this area the Southwest doesn’t make it correct. He was mistaken.

— Walter Peterson, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the thieving NASCAR fan who may have thought they stole a jacket from Denny Hamlin’s pit crew when in fact it was the personalized TMS jacket of an event staff worker who wants it back!

— Sharon Zschirnt, Arlington

Jeers: To city council members who put a political sign for one candidate in their yards. This makes it appear that they can only work with this one person. As a citizen they have the right to endorse anyone, but to be ethical and fair they should display both candidates’ signs.

— Janece Hill, Richland Hills

Jeers: To a medical clinic that put politics above the health of their patients by refusing to accept insurance obtained through the health exchange, even though they are listed providers. We were returning patients and received no subsidies at all. They have abandoned their Hippocratic oath. For shame.

— Charles Wright, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the person across from a branch post office who shows zero respect to our national flag and no knowledge of flag decorum. The small, badly tattered flag droops 24 hours daily on the fattest, ugliest pole I’ve ever seen, with no lighting at night.

— Robert J. Vann II, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Trendsetters Flooring of Benbrook. Did an excellent job installing my carpet and tile. Great people to work with. Nice to do business with folks in Benbrook.

— Carolyn Boyles, Benbrook

Cheers: To Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills and property manager Robert Armstrong, who arranged to have shields installed at company expense around the floodlights in the parking and perimeter areas. I made a simple telephone call, and Robert took care of it. We neighbors appreciate it.

— Ed Markey,

North Richland Hills

Jeers: To a Mansfield shop for not refunding a wedding dress when the groom-to-be was killed on a motorcycle. The dress wasn’t even altered and only one payment was owed. The dress will be sold again. Where is your empathy?

— Sharon Clevenger, Kennedale

Cheers: To the Arlington Independent School District Education Foundation for the fun night for family, kids and friends at Six Flags. A portion of each purchase was passed on to our designated schools. Free tickets were given to schools that purchased the most. What a wonderful way to spend a pleasant evening!

— Teresa Menard, Arlington

Cheers: To the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT) for highlighting a weekly adoptable pet in the Pet Love section of each Friday’s This greatly helps the HSNT place animals in need of a “furever” home. Cheers also to HSNT for their everyday task of offering kindness, justice and mercy to every living creature.

— Theresa V. Mszar, Bedford

Jeers: To a North Richland Hills phone store. I opened an account, traded three iPhones, received three cheap phones, then was ripped off when I went back, canceled the account and requested the iPhones back. They refused and said I would receive a check in the mail from them. Now they say I will not get a refund.

— Cassie Fuller, Azle

Cheers: To the Hurst 6 Stones CPR team for the new fence the team put up for my neighbor and me on April 4 and 5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such a wonderful group of people. I really appreciate everything.

— Nena Caldwell, Hurst

Cheers: To Jerry Radke of Stanley Eisenman Fine Shoes and Astrid Phillips of Pie Five Pizza Company for their spectacularly generous donations to the DFWCitiWomen Time to Flutter Expo. Your kindness toward our organization and the work we do for the homeless and ex-offenders is greatly appreciated.

— Phyllis Norwood, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Community Hospice of Texas, whose service to our family was a great blessing. Both Patty and Tracy gave constant care around the clock. They made closure so much easier.

— Theresa Wolters, Arlington

Cheers: Literally! At a packed charity event, to see Rosie and Mike Moncrief, Scott Murray, Dr. Morvarid Rezaie, and Marcelle LeBlanc serving drinks behind a bar nonstop for three and a half hours was touching. Thank you all for serving the community, and “Cheers”!

— Anthony DeFelice,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the great folks at Airport Freeway Animal Emergency Hospital in Euless for helping me get much-needed medicine down my strong-willed one-eye Yorkie mix when my regular vet’s office was closed.

— Elizabeth Kurecka, Hurst

Cheers: To attorney Lynn Clanton for being there for those who need him right on the spot for any problem that might arrive. He is a giving and caring person who puts his all into any case he has, to help those in need. We are proud to call him our friend.

— Mark and Dana Williams,


Cheers: To Abel Estrada with Abel Window Cleaning. He gave a very reasonable quote and his work was second to none. He did an excellent job cleaning our windows, inside and out. He was thorough and didn’t waste time. We will definitely use him again.

— Ruth Burke,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To the very generous person who paid for my car service at Pep Boys in Arlington on April 11. Thank you so much for your kindness. I will pay it forward whenever I can.

— Maria O’Leary,


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