Cheers & Jeers

March 21, 2014

Cheers & Jeers

Jeers: To Jerry Jones for cutting DeMarcus Ware. Jones, you are a parasite sucking the life out of the Cowboys and their fans.

Jeers: To Jerry Jones for cutting DeMarcus Ware. Jones, you are a parasite sucking the life out of the Cowboys and their fans.

— Darrin Mason, Euless

Cheers: To the staff at Amon Carter Museum who escorted my mom to the covered exit on West Lancaster Avenue so she didn’t have to walk a long distance in the wind.We loved the exhibit. Also, there were zillions of little kids there for special programs. That’s wonderful.

— Linda Ross, Utopia

Jeers: To President Obama for taking time to film with ESPN as he filled out his NCAA basketball bracket. Meanwhile, another world leader was busy plotting world domination and the spread of communism. What a joke!

— Stephanie Malloy, Arlington

Cheers: To the great pharmacy personnel at the Colleyville Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market: Manager Kim, staff pharmacist Andrew and technicians Michael and Thu. Their service is efficient, quick and friendly. They are professionally knowledgeable and know their customers by name.

— Roland and Ann Kelley,


Jeers: To those cities proposing tougher water restrictions. If only they’d force gas companies to recycle the billions of gallons of lake water used to frack 33,123 wells; then maybe today we wouldn’t have to watch as our tax revenues and our lakefront property values disappear down a big fracking hole.

— Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the awesome staff (Randy, Heidi, Lacey, Becky, etc.) at North Hills Hospital Therapy Services for their dedication to their patients. I have been there five times in the past six years and truly can recommend them.

— Candace Peel,

North Richland Hills

Cheers: To Dr. Paul Bartholomew, podiatrist! Several years ago, another well-known local podiatrist severely botched my foot surgery, cutting a nerve. When my foot did not heal properly, I was told nothing was wrong. Chronic pain, numbness, foot cramps resulted. But now, thanks to Dr. Bartholomew, bye-bye pain.

— Sandi Black, Fort Worth

Cheers: For the Hurst Fire Department. Our carbon monoxide alarm went off last week. I called 911 to report it. Within five minutes, three Hurst fireman were at our house checking everything out. It was just on the blink and all is OK now. Thanks.

— Harvey Craig, Hurst

Jeers: To the new blinking yellow left turn signals on Texan Trail in Grapevine over Texas 114. The former solid green circle let everyone know that they had to yield — now, drivers think it’s a yellow caution light and keep on turning left despite oncoming traffic. I’ve had two near-misses already.

— Helen Allman, Grapevine

Jeers: To the Post Office for having their machines and humans use different rate charts. A package mailed at the automated kiosk reappeared (about the time it should have reached Massachusetts) with an unexplained demand for 36 percent extra postage. You will have to do better to survive!

— David Peden, Grand Prairie

Cheers: To the young man in front of the Saginaw Wal-Mart who struck a few poses, flexed, and directed traffic while I was waiting for an endless parade of patrons to cross. I usually hate WallyWorld, but you made me smile, like a body-directing traffic-cop. Thanks for the laugh, bro!

— Derrick Ayres, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, ortho/neuro Richardson Tower fifth-floor nursing staff: Amanda, Jennifer, Jillian, Laxmi, Petra, Jimmy and Taylor; and physical therapy staff. Thank you all for the excellent care my husband received while being a patient there. Special thanks to Dr. Diana Wilson.

— Cornell and Marsha Hampton,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the EMTs and town of Pantego for their kindness and timely care in an emergency when long-time resident and Election Judge Harriet Irby required immediate attention. Also for the extra consideration of a foliage arrangement delivered to her at the hospital from the town of Pantego.

— Harriet Varnum Irby,


Cheers: To Fort Worth Animal Control Officers Hawley, Coots, Miller and Lirette. They have been extraordinary in helping save a group of stray dogs near Samuels Avenue. They helped many times over several months to assist with these dogs. Their kindness and professionalism is a wonderful benefit for our community.

— Lacey Imbert, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the amazing staff at Texas Health Resources at Alliance for taking great care of my mother during her three-week stay. The nurses and the techs on the 3rd floor in the ICU and Medi/Surg are an outstanding group of individuals. I can never repay all the attention and hard work that you displayed towards my mother.

— Clarisa Alvarez, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Plaza Medical Center in Fort Worth for having what I think is the best comprehensive stroke center in the Dallas-FortWorth area. Remarkable care.

— James Tindell, Bedford

Cheers: To the lady who bought breakfast for a group of “old” veterans Friday March 14 at the Blue Bonnet Café in Haltom City. We really appreciate it.

— Clyde Ormsbee, Haltom City

Cheers: To the staff of Pianotex of Pantego and Mr. Theron, who recently tuned our piano. Not only did you give us a detailed explanation about the piano, you explained to my girls how the piano works, some of the history behind piano tuning and even gave us a “concert.” Wow! A-No. 1!

— Laurie and Tim Ackermann, Arlington

Cheers: To the Arlington Woman’s Club and Spring Creek BBQ for your fundraiser supporting the Arlington Association of University Women/Altrusa Reading is Fundamental program. Your philanthropy will provide free books to hundreds of third grade children.

— Linda Pempsell, Arlington

Cheers: To former Arlington mayor Richard Greene. If we had men like him in federal government, preferably president, we probably wouldn’t be in trouble at this time. Come back and save our country, Mr. Greene.

— William Gordon Sandlin Jr., Arlington

Cheers: To Sears Auto Center at Hulen Mall for always using professionalism when it comes to repairing my Nissan Sentra. I am so glad I stopped going to a dealership that was wasting my time. I appreciate the fast, friendly, reliable and reasonably priced service.

— Shelby West, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the gentleman at Joe’s Pasta and Pizza in Watauga who anonymously paid for our dinner March 14. We were genuinely surprised and very appreciative. You made our day. Thank you for your act of kindness.

— Connie L. Caffey and

Carolynn B. Williams, Haltom City

Cheers: To the Arlington police officer who stopped on March 12 on Mansfield-Webb Road around lunchtime. You blocked traffic for an injured stray dog that was hit by a car, and knelt over the dog in the middle of the street, keeping him from harming himself further until animal control arrived.

— Rick Cornell, Arlington

Cheers: To the many volunteers who sacrificed their time and energy to work the polls and to voters who took time to go vote. Jeers and shame on the local Republican club that had people standing outside polling places handing out a list of candidates saying these people were endorsed by the party.

— Jacquelyn Wright, Fort Worth

Cheers: To Service Experts for standing behind its service and doing a great job of fixing a difficult problem in my HVAC system in a timely and professional manner.

— Wally Martin, Arlington

Cheers: To an Arlington Highlands restaurant. We recently visited for a friend’s birthday and had issues with the waitstaff and the food. The next day we contacted the general manager, who was appreciative and apologized for the less-than-stellar experience. We received a gift card for our next visit.

— Mark Boren, Fort Worth

Cheers: To all the staff at the Chuck Silcox Animal Care and Control Center. My recent experience with them was very positive when I had to trap a couple of feral cats in my neighborhood. They were very professional, caring and compassionate people. A bid Kudos to all of you.

— Gina Carroll, Fort Worth

Jeers: To all the candidates who do not properly dispose their campaign signs that litter our community.

— Paul Strong, Bedford

Jeers: To the guilty policitians. The public has endured weeks of phone calls during dinner and evenings, ads endlessly on TV and mailboxes full of campaign material. Yet a week after the elections, we are still surrounded with signs along our city streets. Do your part and clean up our city.

— Kathy Brown, Arlington

Cheers: And thanks to the owners of Chicken Express and Canyon West Golf for donating lunch and providing a great atmosphere for my friend David Newton’s memorial golf tournament. Compassion is shown through selfless giving.

— Brian Sanders, Fort Worth

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