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01/17/2014 7:46 PM

01/17/2014 9:05 PM

Cheers: To the bicyclist riding over the arches on the new West Seventh Street Bridge. After spending half my life on a skateboard, I see the urban streetscape as collection of elevations, transitions, approaches and departures. Crossing the new West Seventh Street Bridge for the first time, I knew it was meant to be ridden.

— James Petrovich, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the gentleman who witnessed my mother fall while getting her paper on Birchman Avenue. He helped her up and ensured she was OK. God bless you and your family for your kindness.

— Mark Edwards, Bowie

Jeers: To the young man who trailed me in his car Jan. 10 just because we almost wrecked and it was just as much his fault as it was mine. You followed me for almost a half an hour and I was terrified! I thought you were going to kill me!

— Brenda Pardi, Fort Worth

Cheers: And many blessings to the kind lady in front of me who paid for my Chick-fil-A meal (on Altamesa Boulevard) just before Christmas. I will happily pay it forward.

— Nancy Yerigan, Fort Worth

Jeers: To anti-hunters’ ignorance. The Dallas Safari Club’s auction will bring money to Namibia’s rhinos and allow more breeding by harvesting an old, non-breeding bull with a controlled, non-breeding harem. New blood! Why do you think that more whitetails play now than when the Pilgrims arrived? Managed hunting.

— Lynn Holt, Mansfield

Cheers: To the nice family who purchased my dinner on a December Sunday night at the Outback Steakhouse near Interstate 20 and Bryant Irvin Road. Thank you. I continue to pass on your kindness. New Year 2014 blessings to you.

— Judy Strickland, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the woman who bought my 82-year-old mom and myself lunch at Fish City Grill in The Highlands Jan. 4. You mentioned to the waiter you missed your mom. I thank the Lord daily for my time with my mom. Thank you for making her feel special by paying for our lunch.

— Sharon Campbell, Mansfield

Jeers: To KDFW/Channel 4 Sports. What makes you and other channels think that viewers care anything about the amplified levels of crowd noise during a football event? We can hardly hear what the sportscasters are saying, and it certainly doesn’t add anything to the game. Cut the crowd noise please.

— JoAnn Martin, Arlington

Cheers: To Fort Worth firefighters from the station on Azle Avenue, who worked hard to remove a titanium ring from my daughter’s swollen finger. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

— Lori Caram, Fort Worth

Cheers: To my guardian angel. Lost my wallet in southwest Fort Worth Jan. 11. Later that day I checked my mailbox and there was my wallet with everything in it. I only wish I could have thanked you in person for your honesty. God bless you.

— Maureen Garbarino,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Holy Family Catholic Church. They work so hard to provide food and other provisions to families in need. We appreciate their hard work.

— Anita Cox, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the lab tech at Medical Clinic of North Texas Mid-Cities for the perfect and painless needle stick. Maria hit a vein easily on the first try and my lab visit was over before I knew it. Was Maria just lucky? I don’t think so.

— Joe Blackwell, Bedford

Jeers: To those who decorate the “homeless Christmas Tree” on Interstate 30. The holidays are over and the decorations should have been taken down already. It is disrespectful to the community by not taking care of a responsibility youaccepted.

— Duane McMicheal, Arlington

Cheers: To Luis Avalos! He is my student of the third six weeks at Leonard Middle School. He is a very hard worker. He stays with it even if he has to take it home to work on it. He also is very helpful in class. He is a joy to teach. I could not ask for a better student!

— Stuart Sumner, Fort Worth

Jeers: To the Texas Railroad Commission, who apparently thinks they can appease Azle residents by hiring a seismologist to determine the cause of 32 recent earthquakes. Expecting they’ll believe anyone paid by the commission would be like asking them to believe the fox who’s investigating a rash of unexplained henhouse murders.

— Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

Cheers: To these individuals at Texas Toyota of Grapevne: Beshoy Yassa, excellent salesperson; Kirk Cooley, best finance person ever; Natalie (Service Dept), fantastic; and last but not least, Sabre Ray, sales manager, also excellent at his job. I bought a used Ford from them and traded in a Toyota.

— Deborah Tarlton, Bedford

Jeers: To the City of Fort Worth for the convoluted traffic signal arrangement at Old Denton Road and Western Center Boulevard (near Interstate 35W). This unusual arrangement benefits a handful of vehicles on Old Denton Road to the severe detriment of a large volume of traffic on eastbound Western Center.

— Tom Horn, Keller

Cheers: To the two generous ladies in Ginger Brown’s who paid the lunch tab for my mother and me Jan. 10. It was such a wonderful surprise, truly appreciated and will be paid forward. My mom is coping with cancer and you really brightened her day.

— Cindy Garrison, Houston

Cheers: To Albertsons grocery stores for crediting your grocery bill 5 cents for every earth-friendly grocery bag a shopper uses. This is truly an effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Why aren’t other grocery stores doing this?

— Cindy Boling, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the house on Forest Ridge Drive in Bedford with the large yard and metal goats. The goats move around the yard and are often dressed in seasonal attire. I enjoy watching their antics as I drive by. Must have been a rough New Year’s Eve for one. Poor goat was lying down!

— Kim Blake, Hurst

Cheers: To the helpful lady at Michaels off South Hulen Street when I went to have a ribbon topper made for the Christmas tree. The designer was out, but this sweet lady from Pantego Bible Church offered to help. She made a beautiful golden ribbon topper and would only allow a thank you. She did this while waiting for a friend. I wish her Happy New Year and God’s blessings.

— Deanna Walker, Fort Worth

Jeers: To KXAS/Channel 5 for letting Mark Hayes go. He was a bright spot in the mornings, funny, and great personality. I thought he and Deborah were a good team. Why do you always get rid of the good people?

— Jamie Sanders, Benbrook

Cheers: To the city of Bedford for having the nicest, most efficient, most dependable sanitation department ever. Thanks for getting all my tree trimmings so quickly and efficiently. You guys really are the best. Thanks to Parry Hicks and Ronnie Martin for cutting those trees back to city code.

— Jodie Wright-Tepfer, Bedford

Cheers: To the kind gentleman who changed my tire Jan. 10 at the Exxon on Santa Fe Drive in Weatherford. My daughter, sister and I are so grateful for your assistance. My only regret is that you would not take any money!

— Paula Anderson, Burleson

Jeers: To the mainstream media. When asked if they covered the rollout problems of “Obamacare,” their answer was yes. But when asked how they covered it, they merely said they didn’t.

— Dan Lee Smallwood,


Cheers: To Batteries Plus for replacing my watch battery for $9 in five minutes after a jeweler asked for $200 for the job.

— Ann Sutherland, Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Colleyville Public Works Department. They stay ready to serve and get the job done.

— Roland and Ann Kelley,


Cheers: To the ministry committee at College Hill Church of Christ for all the time, effort and money that go into planning for all the activities for the “seniors.” We have a good time and the food is delicious. We appreciate it very much. The Primetimers say, “God bless you.”

— Modena Green, Keller

Jeers: For the heavy-handed “topping” of many beautiful old trees in my neighborhood. This is not tree-trimming, it is mutilation. Judging from the number of trucks hauling off loads of perfectly processed wood chips, the utility company clearly has a lucrative side business selling tons of mulch.

— Wendy Stoecker,


Jeers: To the store where I purchased a Microsoft tablet. A few days later I went back and bought a protective shield and was told if I brought the tablet in, someone would put the shield on for me. I took the tablet and shield to the same store and was told there was a $15 “installation” fee. How tacky!

— Martha Fralia, Fort Worth

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