Letters to the Editor

August 27, 2014

Smirk over scowl

Some may view Rick Perry’s mugshot as a smirk.

Some may view Rick Perry’s mugshot as a smirk.

Others may see it as a mugshot of a man who knows it’ll be splashed all over the media.

In reference to Maureen VanZandt’s letter, why on earth would anyone want a scowl?

Some politicians avoid photo “ops.” I guess Perry could have posed for a photo like Rosemary Lehmberg’s, looking like a street person.

As for Perry eating ice cream with his staff later — I don’t think that’s against the law!

Bottom line is, both are public servants. Some respect their elected duties and want the state to thrive. Others just want to get by on their weekend drunk.

I think Perry’s record speaks for itself.

He has kept Texas No. 1 in the country, and that’s not by accident!

— Cherita Goodman, Mansfield

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