Rewriting history?

08/21/2014 5:22 PM

08/21/2014 5:23 PM

Our war in Iraq is history that cannot be rewritten by Richard Greene’s opinion.

George W. Bush was responsible for leading our country and Republicans, Democrats and independents in Congress into supporting his decision as commander in chief to invade Iraq.

Bush formed a coalition of forces with Prime Minister Tony Blair and their mission was to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, end Saddam Hussein’s support of terrorists and free the Iraqi people. Whether the mission was achieved is debatable.

The war ended when our current president decided to bring our troops home.

I like the fact that we are helping the Kurds and Sunnis save the civilians who fled to that mountain. I like the fact that our diplomats have helped convince al-Maliki to step down as prime minister.

I hope the next prime minister will include the Sunnis and Kurds in their government. I hope the Iraqis fight for peace in their own country.

It is time we stopped liberally spending American lives and wealth on wars overseas. I hope Iraq is paying for everything we are doing in defense of their people and their country.

— Mark Mulligan Sr.,


The analysis in Richard Greene’s column on Iraq was excellent.

When things don’t turn out blame is the game played.

The decision to oust Saddam Hussein was bipartisan and multinational.

However, if blame is to be fixed, it lies at the foot on President Woodrow Wilson. After World War I, Wilson refused to intervene when the British and French carved up the Turkish empire and created Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine on a map by drawing straight lines regardless of tribal and religious differences.

The British took Jordan and Palestine and the French got Syria and Lebanon. Wartime ally Faisal was made King of Iraq and his brother Abdullah was King of Jordan. Faisal and Abdullah wanted a pan-Arab nation and had even agreed to allow Jewish immigration to Palestine. But the British and French wanted their colonies and Wilson simply demurred.

We are now faced with an existential threat of the highest urgency as radical forces are popping up all over the Middle East. Blame won’t solve anything. It is time to act on what is real and stop the blame game.

— Rick Weintraub,


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