Letters to the Editor

July 18, 2014

Defining a scandal

The right-wing has lost sight of the definition of “scandal.”

The right-wing has lost sight of the definition of “scandal.”

A scandal involves breaking the law.

Watergate was a scandal because operatives were ordered by White House staff to break into an office and the President hid the facts.

Reagan selling arms to Iran was a scandal because it was against the law to sell arms to Iraq.

IRS agents investigating political groups with “Occupy Wall Street” and “Tea Party” in their name attempting to file as 501(c)(4) social welfare groups isn’t a scandal — it’s called doing their job.

The IRS losing email isn’t a scandal — it’s an IT issue.

Benghazi isn’t a scandal. Losing four Americans in Libya is called a travesty.

Even Fast and Furious isn’t a scandal. Losing track of weapons that ended up in Mexico is ineptitude.

Do we investigate our screw-ups? Of course.

But until someone shows me evidence that wrong-doing was done on purpose per instructions from higher ups, keep your partisan bellyaching to yourself and stow the word “scandal” for the real thing.

— Mark Bauer, Colleyville

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