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July 16, 2014

More on magazines

Concerning “Magazine capacity,” July 12:

Concerning “Magazine capacity,” July 12:

Ever shot at anything? I like to go to a range and target-shoot and would like to reload as rarely as possible.

Therefore, I have more than one clip for my semiautomatics. Just a 10-round clip? Then carry two, or three, or six clips.

We don’t need more government micromanagement.

The laws against murder and assault with a deadly weapon are enough.

— Gary R. Swanzy,

Fort Worth

Regarding Stephen Kelly’s challenge, the military and law enforcement spend many hours on ranges honing skills.

First, everything is different in a life-or-death situation. Studies have shown fewer than 17 percent of those in combat the first time actually fire their weapons and few hit anything. In numerous circumstances veteran officers have missed their targets.

Second, imagine running into a criminal who has up to 17 rounds for a pistol and 20-30 in a rifle while you are limited to fewer rounds.

Third, quit blaming law-abiding citizens. Until the courts and society hold the criminal responsible, nothing will change.

Gun injuries and deaths have declined for years. As for hunting, laws govern how many rounds you may load.

If I want a 10-, 20- or 30-round magazine, there should be no law barring them. In self-defense, precious seconds count, both with dialing 911 and your ability to meet the threat.

— Richard Lilly,

Haltom City

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