Letters to the Editor

July 8, 2014

Missed opportunity

Diversity, really?

Diversity, really?

The July 5 Star-Telegram reported that the president “celebrated” diversity at a naturalization ceremony on the 4th of July.

My question is, why doesn’t he celebrate his own diversity?

The news media and the majority of the public continue to refer to president Obama as the first black president.

Is there something wrong with being racially mixed in America?

His mother was a caucasian woman from Kansas and his father was a black man from Africa.

Why doesn’t he shout from the roof-tops that not only can races intermingle, but they can produce lawyers, doctors, presidents, like any other couple?

I believe this president has missed a huge opportunity to improve race relations by turning his back, along with the majority of America, on his own racial diversity.

— Larry Hathaway,

Grand Prairie

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