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June 7, 2014

Problems at the VA

Lawmakers seek criminal probe of VA.

Lawmakers seek criminal probe of VA.

Sad commentary and so true.

It seems I have heard this all before, say in early 1970s, after the Vietnam War wound down; many of those veterans are the ones having problems getting appointments now 50 years later!

It would seem that we should be able to design an app, to give to all vets for free, that would allow them to self report long wait times for appointments by specialty an VA hospital.

Collect that data weekly and send the report to the Senate and House Commitees on Veterans Affairs who for years have had their heads in the sand — both republican and democratic leadership — on the disfuntion in our VA Health System.

— Maggie Irwin, Fort Worth

I am a 100 percent disabled vet. I have been working with the VA since 1984 and have worked many issues with them trying to fix the glitches in the system.

It has been evident from the beginning that the issues were rarely the people doing the job, it was mostly the rules, regulations and policies that caused many problems.

Also the management by fiscal issues as opposed to what the veterans needed.

Costs of medicines, personnel costs, and so on. It appeared that managers were “rated” on how they saved money — not that different from Corporate America today.

Well the effect of that process has kept the VA from hiring enough people to handle the surge of veterans from our engagements — Vietnam to Afghanistan. Consequently, not enough help — long waits to get treatment.

I have survived some extended wait times to get to see medical people.

Fortunately, the majority of people that I have worked with have been hard working professionals. Unfortunately, their hands are often tied with policies and procedures that are “financially” driven.

Those policies are driven from very high up the chain — even to congress levels.

— Clay Riley, Weatherford

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