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05/28/2014 6:04 PM

05/28/2014 6:05 PM

Here is how I assume a Republican would respond to the water crisis being heightened by our current romance with natural gas.

“This is America! Home of the brave and land of the me! I make a lot of money from oil and gas; sorry if you don’t. I can afford to live in the best pollution-free places; sorry you can’t.

“If water goes up to $100 a gallon, I will have enough bucks to fill my pool and quench my family’s thirst.

“It’s called The Law of the Bungle. You bungled your life; I didn’t.”

From a Democrat: “If you hate the government so much, we would love to see you completely out of it. Move your body and greed to China and India where you have taken our jobs and money. Oh, I forget. You already have castles there.”

— Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth

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