Letters to the Editor

May 20, 2014

Irresponsible words

We need to take more responsibility for what we say.

We need to take more responsibility for what we say.

Recently, after a difficult physics test, a friend said: “Dude, that test was impossible… it raped me.”


Since when was a hard test akin to forced sexual violence?

In an age of increased communication and decreased civility, it’s become easier to use words without any thought to their actual meaning.

We often ignore the deep-rooted psychological effects of rape and how the trauma can impact a victim for life — and this is only a sample of America’s rape culture.

It’s difficult to increase national awareness overnight. We can start, though, by eliminating the use of the word rape as common language, especially as a joke.

So this is a challenge: Whenever you hear someone use the term rape in an insensitive way, take the time to reply, “Please don’t say that.”

It may seem simple, but only together can we change America’s rape culture.

— Kausthub Poondi, Plano

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