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05/05/2014 4:46 PM

05/05/2014 4:47 PM

The far right is running three candidates in alliance with one already on the Crowley ISD board; they call her Mrs. No because she votes no on supply lists for athletics and arts, no on hiring grant-funded special education diagnosticians, no on teacher pay raises and more.

They’ve been making ridiculous statements, suggesting we have a 12 percent-plus dropout rate, when it is actually one of the lowest in the state at 0.5 percent.

On the other side, we have two current trustees, Dr. Chowdhury and Thedrick Franklin, who are running for re-election, and Jay Hinton.

The choice is between three dads with the best interest of the district in mind and three misguided extremists with a clear political agenda.

Please get informed and vote for Hinton, Franklin and Chowdhury.

— Ryan E. Ray, Fort Worth

Member, Crowley ISD Board of Trustees

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