Letters to the Editor

April 29, 2014

Election letters: Grapevne council; State board; Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Luann Chapman Gatts is the right choice for Place 6 of the Grapevine City Council.

Grapevine City Council

Luann Chapman Gatts is the right choice for Place 6 of the Grapevine City Council.

LuAnn is a local business owner and has been very involved for many years.

I have worked with LuAnn for years on the Convention & Visitors Bureau board. There is no one that will work harder or be more involved.

LuAnn has maintained a very professional campaign and always presents herself as a member of the service group first and candidate second.

She is full of energy and has great presence and I know if elected she will do a great job representing the citizens of Grapevine.

— Paul Slechta, Grapevine

As a long-time and multi-generational resident of Grapevine, I have a deep care for the city, its history and its preservation.

That’s exactly why I’m supporting Deverick Jordan in the race for Grapevine City Council, Place 6.

He is not only a good neighbor, but he is a great friend. When he told me he was running for city council, I told him I would do whatever it takes to see his success.

Grapevine’s City Council needs a fresh perspective. Not only would Deverick fill the generational void that exists, but his knowledge, experience and heart to serve sets him apart from all others.

It is my honor and privilege to support such a great candidate.

— Randy Nash, Grapevine

State Board of Ed

I am writing today about my friend Pat Hardy.

She has faithfully served the children of the state of Texas as a teacher for 27 years, as a Social Studies Coordinator, and now on the State Board of Education.

She has earned the respect of the other members of the board to the point that she was chosen as the chair of the committee that presides over the Permanent School Fund.

She has been relentless in her determination to see that the money is spent wisely and economically.

She has worked hard and with great integrity, and she deserves the votes of everyone who cares about the quality of education in Texas.

— Jacqueline Weilmuenster, Grapevine

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD

Jesse Rodriguez has served as a trustee for the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD for 12 years, and Jorge Rodriguez has served for six years with distinction.

While their opponents are both intelligent, well-intentioned individuals, it makes no sense to me to change just for the sake of changing.

I have lived in our community for nearly 40 years and served on the board, and can honestly say that our school district is in good hands.

Jesse Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez have dedicated their time and efforts to make our school district the best it can be.

This effort has helped strengthen our community and caused families to relocate here.

This translates into economic and social value for our community, but most importantly, value to our children.

— John T. Eubanks, Colleyville

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