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April 23, 2014

Election letters: Bedford, Southlake, Hurst, AISD bond

Roger Fisher’s previous leadership on Bedford’s City Council and years of dedication to the community qualify him as the right choice for Place 6 on the council.

Bedford City Council

Roger Fisher’s previous leadership on Bedford’s City Council and years of dedication to the community qualify him as the right choice for Place 6 on the council.

He has proven that common sense is only one quality in leading our city, and that it also takes a strong civic resume, professional experience and a record of accomplishments.

Fisher has these qualities.

As a homeowner and proud family man, Roger is well-rooted in Bedford. He understands the values of transparency and accountability and is firmly connected to our residential and business community.

— David Franklin, Bedford

Southlake City Council

As former mayor pro-tem, Virginia Muzyka played a crucial role in the development of Southlake during her tenure on City Council.

She is a dedicated public servant with a steadfast commitment to her community and a professional eye for financial responsibility. Virginia has given much of her time to insure that Southlake remains the premier city in Tarrant County.

Having worked on the development of Southlake’s Strategic Plan, she understands the balance between business and residential, with a focus on a balanced tax base.

She has a natural ability to bring people together.

After knowing Virginia for many, many years, it is an easy call. Commissioner Fickes and I wholeheartedly recommend Virginia Muzyka for Southlake City Council, Place 6.

— Cathey Fickes, Southlake

Hurst City Council

I have worked in Hurst for 18 years and have lived in Hurst for eight years.

When my wife and got married, we wanted a home in a safe community with a city council that looked after all of its residents.

We chose Hurst because of the great work and decisions of the City Council as well as a dedicated and accredited police force.

I know Hurst council member Anna Holzer’s opponent and what he stands for. One simply has to read his letters to the editor in the Star-Telegram over the last 12 months that are filled with anger, austerity and disrespect.

His intentions are not citizen friendly, education friendly, nor city of Hurst friendly.

I proudly recommend City Council member Anna Holzer to keep Hurst growing and thriving in a positive direction for all the residents of Hurst!

— Robert Mills, Hurst

AISD bond election

Arlington’s $663.13 million bond package is a Tarrant County record. It’s 2.5 times the size of the largest bond the AISD has passed. There is fat in the package.

A pool, athletic and fine arts complexes contribute nothing to basic education or improving test scores. According to the district’s estimates, interest on the bonds will run half-a-billion.

Cut $300 million of fat and this bond package will still be $100 million greater than Arlington’s largest previous bond package. It is not about the kids/education, but monuments few will use and no one can afford.

Two-thirds of AISD’s students are on free/reduced lunch programs. Will their families suffer further financial hardships from increased taxes/rents? Is this really helping those students?

Voters should vote “no” and have the board come back with a bond representing realistic needs.

— Richard Weber, Arlington

Richland Hills City Council

One of my friends asked what I thought about the candidates for the Richland Hills City Council.

I explained that voters are being presented with candidates that lack experience or qualifications or whose election wouldn’t result in any meaningful change in the status quo.

Many residents have become so apathetic and disconnected with the current city leadership that this year’s lack of viable candidates begs voters to consider another option.

As an American and veteran, I feel conflicted: should I vote because it’s my right/responsibility or should I abstain knowing that the outcome is not likely to make any difference in our community?

I don’t know, but that seems to be the situation here in Richland Hills!

— Ralph Smith, Richland Hills

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