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April 22, 2014

Letters: Texting while driving

Texting while driving is oneof a long list of driver distractions that are dangerous.

Texting while driving is oneof a long list of driver distractions that are dangerous.

We should consider a law against Driving While Distracted: DWD. We drivers are all guilty on occasion.

Texting is just more dangerous than most, and it can be proven in court. But an accident caused by fiddling with the radio, putting on lipstick, eating a sandwich, picking your nose, slapping your seven-year old in the back seat, looking at your navigation screen, answering your phone, reading a novel, listening to your mother-in-law, lighting a cigarette, adjusting the air conditioning, etc. are more difficult to prove.

How many accidents are caused by DWD? Even driving with another person in the car has been proven to increase the chance of an accident. In some states, a newly licensed young driver isn’t allowed to drive with a teenage friend passenger.

During driver training heavy attention should be paid to the problem of DWD — not just texting, but all distracting activities.

— Jim Beckman, Fort Worth

My brother-in-law, 53, was killed by a texter in July 2008 while driving home in Indiana after dropping his son off at an event.

The texter had momentarily looked down at his cellphone, didn’t see another car that had braked ahead, and he veered into the oncoming traffic, that was Terry.

It only took a second of carelessness.

Terry’s family misses him; he was a great father and a wonderful human. Terry’s daughter will graduate from college this May. Terry would have been proud of her.

Gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott should be involved with ending this mode of senseless death, not trying to continue it.

Once your relative, friend, or child is killed by a texter, you will understand the necessity for a ban on texting while driving. But then it will be too late, won’t it?

— David Soens, Fort Worth

Greg Abbott opposes a ban on texting while driving.

Recent poll data indicate Abbot maintains a comfortable lead over his principal opponent. Once again, Texans are poised to elect an ignorant, hypocritical ideologue to the state’s highest office.

Josephe de Maistre observed that people often get the “government they deserve.”

The tragedy is that those of us who oppose him certainly do not deserve him. But it appears that we will be stuck with him, as we were stuck with his two immediate predecessors.

— Richard Galvin, Fort Worth

Greg Abbott’s spokesman says Abbott opposes more government mandates that “micromanage adult driving behavior.” Interesting logic.

Texas mandates wearing seatbelts. If you don’t wear one, you are endangering only yourself.

Distracted driving endangers everyone in their vicinity. So it seems to me that driving without a seatbelt is less dangerous than driving while texting, and by Abbott’s logic we should repeal seatbelt laws.

Texas prohibits driving while intoxicated. Studies have shown that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving intoxicated. By Abbott’s logic we should repeal drunk driving laws.

The Texas Department of Transportation links distracted driving to 90,378 crashes in 2012. Fatalities numbered 453, with serious injuries put at 18,468.

Granted, not all those crashes were the result of texting, but shouldn’t the state take action on something that is proven to be extremely dangerous, not just to the person doing it but to everyone around them?

— Terry Talbot, Keller

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