Letters to the Editor

April 15, 2014

Positive change

I have lived in Hurst for all of my 48 years.

I have lived in Hurst for all of my 48 years.

As a conservative, I have values about the limited role of government on every level, and about personal liberty.

Limited government must live within its means.

Hurst has been issuing general obligation bonds (borrowing), despite a healthy tax base.

Joel Downs is running for City Council to begin reining in the debt, which resonates with my conservative values.

But Downs is not a one-issue candidate, he is running on a number of issues of limited government, personal liberty and self-determination, principles of new business growth that Hurst badly needs.

Downs offers positive change, a course correction to conservative values that reflect those of the majority of our residents of our city.

— James Scott Trimm,


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