Letters to the Editor

April 1, 2014

Sense needed in Austin

Isn’t it about time for common sense to prevail in Austin?

Isn’t it about time for common sense to prevail in Austin?

For instance, the states of Colorado and Arkansas both ran studies and came to the same conclusion about minor earthquakes. It wasn’t the fracking that was the problem, rather, it was the water that gas companies used to fill the cavities.

But leave it to Texas to spend thousands of tax dollars to conduct another study that will yield the same results.

Meanwhile, Texas passed a law that requires all riders in vehicles to wear seat belts.

Yet, bikers don’t even need to wear a headgear of any kind, at least not in Texas anyway. All bikers should be required to wear headgear for their own safety and welfare.

Surprisingly, Gov. Perry stated that Tesla should be allowed to sell their cars directly to the public. Yet, the old law still remains on the books that prohibits a car manufacturer from selling directly to the public.

Maybe, the Legislature should pass a law to require common sense be used in all decisions; but I doubt that will ever occur.

— Ed Lindsay, Fort Worth

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