Letters: March primaries

02/25/2014 6:03 PM

02/25/2014 6:04 PM

Passion for the law

Judge Jesse Nevarez is not only the best choice for Tarrant County’s Family Court, 231st District.

He’s the only choice with experience as a sitting judge, one with an unblemished conservative record of respect for the Constitution, a passion for the law and compassion for families seeking justice in the Texas judicial system.

— Tracey Hart, Fort Worth

Fighting establishment

When Jonathan Stickland was elected he promised to stop un-conservative legislation. Outnumbered in Austin, he used parliamentary maneuvers to kill bad bills.

This set the Austin establishment against him. But by working with legislators whose interests coincided, he was successful in passing laws and helping Tarrant County.

He defended our gun rights, privacy rights and the lives of the unborn, and still received the highest score of all for a conservative voting record.

Jonathan has angered the establishment, so they are backing a compliant lackey to deliver the old status quo.

Stickland, the only conservative in this race, will advance our agenda and still be an effective champion for District 92.

— Joel Downs, Hurst

Keep incumbent

We have known Lon Burnam for 26 years and have worked with him on many issues to improve the quality of life for the people of Fort Worth and particularly for those of his constituents in House District 90. Recently he has helped improve access to the voting booth by helping them to overcome some of the hurdles of the voter ID law.

His experience as a legislator, his proven track record, and his effective collaborative style are among the reasons to return Burnam to the House.

— Bernard and Carol Kern, North Richland Hills

Tough but fair

Sharen Wilson is the perfect choice for Tarrant County District Attorney.

As a prosecutor, Sharen tried some of the most important cases in the history of this county. As a judge, Sharen dispensed tough and fair justice.

She will bring legal expertise, fiscal responsibility and ethical zeal to the office of District Attorney.

— Ben Leonard, Fort Worth

Time for change

Ramon Romero impressed me when he served on the city planning and zoning commissions and the gas drilling task force. He also has a background as a neighborhood and business leader.

His opponent has demonstrated a passion for some issues and I have supported him in some elections. But the question is which candidate can best represent this tri-ethnic district now, with so many people living in poverty, with low education and a high rate of uninsured.

To me the person with the potential to get the most results for District 90 is Ramon Romero.

— Fernando Florez, Fort Worth

Best of the bunch

There are four very good lawyers running for County Criminal Court No. 2 in Tarrant County. Two have been prosecutors, and two have judicial experience. John White is the only one of the candidates who has both judicial and prosecution experience.

White’s 40 years of being a criminal lawyer makes him the most experienced lawyer in this race.

— Gloria B. Sanchez,

Fort Worth

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