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February 7, 2014

LETTERS: Dallas vs. Fort Worth; medical benefits; algebraic reasoning

Will Dallas want to expand the gates at Love Field in five years? Certainly. Will Fort Worth be left out in the cold, again? You bet.

Will Dallas want to expand the gates at Love Field in five years? Certainly. Will Fort Worth be left out in the cold, again? You bet.

When the last agreement was signed between Dallas Mayor Miller and Fort Worth Mayor Moncrief allowing the changes at Love, it also called for no commercial air traffic out of Fort Worth/Tarrant County. Moncrief was a DFW Airport board member at the time, and I thought it strange that Fort Worth could not have any commercial traffic in the future while Dallas Love could now have flights to anywhere they wanted from 20 gates.

I understand that Moncrief wanted to protect DFW, but he could have done that by helping shut down Love, not allowing Love to expand and/or crippling Fort Worth. Tarrant County is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country.

If an air carrier decided that it would make sense to offer service from either Meacham or Alliance airports, from one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, it cannot under the last agreement. Interesting that Dallas gets what it wants again — and in five years will want to expand gates — and Fort Worth is again left behind.

— J. Michael Edelman, Fort Worth

Medical benefits

I recently attended a fundraiser for a family saddled with more than $300,000 in hospital bills incurred in 2013. The focus of the benefit was a talented musician who suffered a cardiac arrest and, upon revival, was in a vegetative state.

Several years earlier he had successfully fought cancer. He did not have health insurance in 2013 since self-employed musicians with a history of cancer were shut out of the insurance market. If Obamacare had been in effect a year earlier, I don’t think the family would be enduring this financial hurt in addition to their grief.

This was not the first such benefit I have attended, but I hope — thanks to the new insurance mandate with affordable insurance for all — that it will be my last.

— Jon T. Wilcox, Fort Worth

Algebraic reasoning

While passing through the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, I happened to pick up the Wednesday Star-Telegram. I was stunned to see a letter from a former “educator” questioning the value of the teaching of algebra.

Apparently, in no part of his education was the value of logic stressed. I would submit that among the values of algebra is to teach the student how to organize an approach to a problem and then systematically come to a solution.

Yes, there are some “canned” approaches to problem solving within the algebraic process (which I would occasionally use during my career in engineering), but knowing how to approach a problem was critical to my limited success.

— Daniel W. Slanker,

Huber Heights, Ohio

Choice for JP

We in Precinct 2 are extremely fortunate to have an individual of the quality and competence of current Justice of the Peace Mary Tom Cravens.

We have been told that she handles the staff and the somewhat enormous number of cases per day in an efficient and extremely competent manner.

That would support the understanding of her character by those of us who have known her all her life.

She has excelled in every endeavor into which she has ventured and she continues to amaze us with her success.

One cannot find a more pleasant, yet definitive, individual who handles both the good and the bad with an even demeanor.

Her family’s multi-generational commitment to community service is longstanding and exceptional, and our community is very fortunate to have this generation willing to serve with such distinction.

I heartily request Precinct 2 voters to retain Justice of the Peace Mary Tom Cravens.

— Ralph Shelton,


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