Letters: Voters speak about candidates

02/05/2014 5:47 PM

02/05/2014 5:47 PM

Please join me in voting for Sen. John Cornyn in the March primary. Cornyn has served Texans and the United States with a commitment to our conservative values. He is a rock-solid advocate for resisting the Affordable Care Act, controlling assaults on our after-tax income and defending our country from all assaults.

Cornyn has worked relentlessly to accomplish the goals of our country that are important to all Americans. He conducts himself with dignity and determination.

Let’s re-elect Sen. John Cornyn and help conservative Republicans get elected all over the country. Then we will have given Sen. Ted Cruz and other conservatives the tools to investigate those who are to destroy our way of life.

Early voting starts on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

— Mike Prince, Weatherford

So the left-wing ideologues at the Star-Telegram Editorial Board recommend John Cornyn in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate. That says it all right there.

All of this mess has happened on his watch. I am tired of Cornyn, McCain, McConnell and the rest of the spineless GOP senators who won't fight Harry Reid today and instead are waiting for the next election.

John Cornyn does not have my vote.

— Tom Miller, Fort Worth

I urge Tarrant County Republican voters in Precinct 2 to get to know your candidates for justice of the peace. Justice of the Peace Mary Tom Curnutt was appointed from more than 30 applicants by Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court to fill an unexpired term — her opponents were not considered for this appointment.

The Precinct 2 JP court has a very heavy caseload, and the justice of the peace must have good work ethics and must have the stamina to hear these cases in a very efficient and effective manner. We need a hard worker, not a politician on this bench.

Curnutt is doing an excellent job as your justice of the peace in Arlington, and the voters and taxpayers need to keep her there. Please check out her integrity, character, work ethic, judicial experience and training before you go to the polls.

— Claudia Brown, Arlington

The good news for conservative Republicans in Texas Senate District 10 is that Wendy Davis is soon gone. The outstanding news is we have an effective, truly conservative Texas lady in the race. Her name is Konni Burton.

A longtime Colleyville resident, Konni has been tireless in working for limited government, individual liberty and Texas state sovereignty here in Tarrant County. Konni is the most conservative candidate in the Republican primary, a defender of the Second Amendment and life, pro law enforcement and for business. She will work for the people to restrain spending. Check out Konniburton.org.

And Konni is the Republican Primary candidate whose honesty, principles, track record and hard work equip her to defeat any Obamacare-supporting Democrat on the November ballot.

Conservative and principled. Vote for Konni Burton.

— Ramon and Ellen Lopez, Colleyville

Richard Greene doesn’t get it. Our support is not about Wendy Davis’ biographical details. It’s about her political values.

Our support for Wendy is about cutting the Gordian knot that connects Texas good old boys who have run the state into the ground and made us a national laughingstock. It’s about stopping Texas from being a bottom-feeder among states in terms of investments we make in public education and healthcare. It’s about ceasing the war on women’s health and the cramming of ersatz science into our children’s textbooks.

Wendy Davis isn’t part of some grand, left-wing conspiracy. What she seeks is a better Texas, a state that serves the interests of all its citizens and not just the top 10 percent.

— Bronson C. Davis, Fort Worth

I am very pleased with District 92 state Rep. Jonathan Stickland's calm and factual response to the vile and vicious attacks from the Andy Cargile campaign. Stickland has proven himself to be a true conservative with his votes and now has shown himself to be a gentleman and statesman with his response.

I am as disappointed with Cargile as I am pleased with Stickland. Recently, I learned that in addition to the crude misleading tactics of the Cargile campaign, they are actively seeking Democrats to vote in the Republican primary to remove a true conservative from office. If Cargile wants to be the Democratic candidate, he should run in the Democratic primary.

When the choice is between a proven conservative like Jonathan Stickland and an apparent stealth Democrat like Andy Cargile, it makes my choice for District 92 state representative very easy.

I'm sticking with Stickland.

— Richard McCook, Bedford

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