Letters to the Editor

February 5, 2014

Five-step program

Here’s a five-step fix for the United States:

Here’s a five-step fix for the United States:

1) Term limits for all elected officials. It works for the president, and it would work for Congress. It would eliminate the constant pandering for re-election that starts the moment someone takes office.

2) A flat tax. No more IRS 1,000-page tax codes that allow special exemptions for anything. You pay to play.

3) All laws passed by Congress apply to Congress. No exceptions, even with parking tickets and driving under the influence citations.

4) Re-institute the draft. You pay to play.

5) Move the United Nations to Bermuda. No more of the New York lifestyle. Maybe it would become a functioning entity again.

If even one of these ideas was ever enacted, the change in our country would be immense. Unfortunately, the very people whom these ideas would impact the most are the ones that would have to enact them. I don’t see that ever happening.

— Steve Stewart, Fort Worth

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