Austin sues state over property tax

A lawsuit brought against the state of Texas by the city of Austin on Monday attempts to show what many have claimed for decades: When it comes to property tax appraisals, the owners of large commercial and industrial sites have an unfair advantage over homeowners.


Racing industry has picked a losing fight

The Texas Racing Commission, a state agency created by the Legislature in 1986, run by two state officials (the comptroller and the chair of the Public Safety Commission) and seven members appointed by the governor subject to approval by the Senate, funded by a budget controlled by the Legislature, has decided to pick a fight with that same Legislature.


Wait and see on Paxton

The Texas Attorney General deserves his day in court on three felony charges.

Elected officials have been indicted and acquitted before, so don’t rush to judgment.

What Paxton and Texans both need is a prompt trial and quick resolution.

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