Cynthia M. Allen

| |Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2014

It’s a complicated situation on the Texas border

I’m willing to make the wildly optimistic assumption that the majority of Americans appreciate the complexity of the current situation on our border.

As such, their feelings in response to the influx of women and unaccompanied Central American minors are, well, complex. Read more

Bud Kennedy

| |Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014

Texas Baptist Men say they helped border kids out of love, not for politics

Before the arrival of 60,000 children became a political showboating opportunity, it was a chance to show love.

“What you have on the border is a humanitarian disaster,” executive Don Gibson of the Dallas-based Texas Baptist Men said Thursday. Read more

Mike Norman

| |Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014

Perry and Granger have different target audiences for their immigration plans

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger of Fort Worth and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are both strong-willed Republicans, each representing a solidly conservative political base, so why are they so different in their solutions to the surge of illegal immigrants along the state’s southern border?

Perry this week said he’s sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the border to aid already-dispatched Department of Public Safety personnel in “combating criminal activity in the region.” Read more

Bob Ray Sanders

| |Tuesday, Jul. 22, 2014

War in the Middle East is a cause for mourning

Once again, rivers of blood flow in the Holy Land while the rest of the world sits back in typical complacency — too unconcerned about an age-old struggle, too preoccupied with other news of the day or simply too afraid to speak out against the atrocities occurring there.

As tensions rise and the violence escalates in Israel and the Gaza Strip, I want to remind you of four teenage boys whose tragic deaths should have been cause for both sides in the continuing Israeli/Palestinian conflict to strive even harder for peace. Instead their deaths became a convenient excuse for people in both camps to wage a war of vengeance in which many more innocent people have died. Read more