Cynthia M. Allen

| |Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2014

It’s a complicated situation on the Texas border

I’m willing to make the wildly optimistic assumption that the majority of Americans appreciate the complexity of the current situation on our border.

As such, their feelings in response to the influx of women and unaccompanied Central American minors are, well, complex. Read more

Bud Kennedy

| |Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

Not happy that Fort Worth is the ‘least funny’ city and Texas’ ‘least happy’

First, Fort Worth was named America’s Least Funny City.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now we’re also Texas’ Least Happy City. Read more

Mike Norman

| |Friday, Jul. 25, 2014

Perry and Granger have different target audiences for their immigration plans

U.S. Rep. Kay Granger of Fort Worth and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are both strong-willed Republicans, each representing a solidly conservative political base, so why are they so different in their solutions to the surge of illegal immigrants along the state’s southern border?

Perry this week said he’s sending 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to the border to aid already-dispatched Department of Public Safety personnel in “combating criminal activity in the region.” Read more

Bob Ray Sanders

| |Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

New federal sentencing guidelines will be retroactive

The U.S. Sentencing Commission finally has voted to rectify a wrong perpetrated on tens of thousands of drug offenders serving harsh — and some people believe unjust — prison terms.

Sentencing guidelines passed by Congress almost 30 years ago mandated long prison terms for even minor drug offenses and, more disturbing, instituted a policy declaring that sentences for crimes involving crack cocaine be 100 times greater than those for powder cocaine. Read more