TCU zoning overlay

08/22/2014 5:50 PM

08/22/2014 5:52 PM

Councilwoman Ann Zadeh is on point stating that she doesn’t believe it was the intention for single-family zoned neighborhoods to have this type of building; this is not the spirit of single-family usage of the property.

“Stealth dorm” builders don’t live in the neighborhood. They don’t look at cars, trucks and SUVs parked on the street because of insufficient parking for them around the stealth dorms or residents who choose to park on the street anyway.

Grandfathering five unrelated people shouldn’t be allowed in single-family neighborhoods.

They were built for the sole purpose of housing multiple students, not families.

Mr. Leimbach states that it would be a financial hardship for him if his cause is not grandfathered in. (See: “Overlay district is backed for TCU area,” Aug. 20)

What about our financial hardship?

We are now under a financial hardship as our property value declines due to stealth dorms and drive-in hamburger-joint style carports in our living-room view.

Probably we won’t get our money out of this property when the house is sold. Is a five-year tax abatement available?

Mr. Leimbach believes that he has improved the neighborhood. We beg to differ.

— Tim Latta, Fort Worth

Mr. Leimbach is in error to say “a primary concern being parking.”

It is one of the primary concerns — which include the increase of student population in a permanent residential area, care of property, noise pollution, constant turnover of occupants, traffic and property owners who do not reside in the area and the strong potential of loss of our property values!

Mayor Price’s quoted statement seems to “weigh in” on the side of the developers!

I feel strongly that we are not obliged to protect the developers.

It actually reads in diverse opposition to the reason behind the proposed overlay! The developers can protect their own investments!

I hope very much the new developments in the 2700 block of Sandage Avenue are notgrandfathered in — out of respect to the current residents of this block and out of respect to what I understand as the spirit/intention of the TCU overlay.

— Mary Margaret Floyd,

Fort Worth

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